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  1. Very occasionally, a TreePanel which is used in software I've built does not have the correct height.


    This only happens in Chrome and Windows XP. It doesn't happen all of the time. I used...
  2. Is something like this already realized in Ext 2 / 3? Because I'm having the same problem..
  3. I still don't have the solution and spent to many hours on this. Someone have any solution?

    Will it help to buy the extjs license so that extjs employees will answer my questions?
  4. Anyone? I'm not able to find a solution!
  5. I stepped through the ds.remove method and the functions fireing the events but I still can't find the solution. Can you please point me (a little bit more) in the right direction? Or anyone else?
  6. It's the grid store and it fires the remove event. Why do you ask? It's the documented remove function of a store?
  7. I'm trying to get the DD reorder plugin working for an EditorGridPanel. Most of it is working fine, but...

    When I move a row this is done by the following (plugin) code:

  8. I have this plugin almost working. The problem i'm currently at is that when moving a row

    ds.remove(ds.getById(data.selections[i].id)); is called. This removes the row.

  9. Using the set method is a possibility but the problem is that you then need to use the commit() method to remove the dirty flag. The thing is that I want to prevent the grid/store from doing the post...
  10. Anyone?
  11. I have a datagrid containing a remote store. I also have a form which can edit some of the values which are in the datagrid.

    The problem is that when I submit my form and update the values in the...
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    Thanks again for answering. I'm getting better at reading the API.

    myBorderPanel.get('companyGrid').addListener('celldblclick', function(grid, rowIndex, columnIndex, eventObject) { ...
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    Removing records from a grid is working now. I have still one problem in the following situation:

    total amount of records: 30
    displayed per page in grid: 12

    So the grid will have 3 pages of...
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    Thanks so much. It's working. Where can I find this kind of information so I don't need to ask it here?
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    I want to show a confirm dialog when someone is trying to delete a record in a datagrid.

    I do this by using:

    }, onDelete : function(btn, ev) {
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