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  1. Hi team,

    I have made an application in EXTJS using PHP. when i leave my application for sometime stale in no activity mode/ sever sessions are gone, and any of the store can not fetch any data...
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    hi tobiu.
    yes this is something which is i am really looking for. i think Editing tree leafs/nodes functionality is not available in EXTJS4. Please do the needful.

    Thanks in advance
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    Ext.tree.TreeEditor() was shipped in EXTJS ver 3.0 however it is missing from EXTJS4.0 now.
    I have tried using Ext.Editor() to convert any element into editable textfield, i was successful to edit...
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    Hi team,
    i am using extjs4, and i am not able to find any way to do some inline editing of my tree using Ext.tree.TreeEditor class(which is not included in EXTJS4).

    Can anyone help me quickly to...
  5. hi,

    i want yo use some of my custom code to format data coming from store to be displayed using Xtemplates. like i want to know if i can assign value of {comment_on} to some variable or not??
  6. Thanks a zillion redraid, it just worked. please tell me how u did debug it. that will be really great help.
  7. hi redraid,

    thanks for the reply, can you please tell me which .js file i have missed to define the xtype if you have found any particular js file

  8. an update- i tried removing ext-debug-all.js and replacing with ext-all.js now it says "g is undefined"
  9. hi,

    thanks for your quick reply, here are the credentials for the application.

    you can check it...
  10. Hi,

    i am facing problem "namespace is undefined" after uploading my working application from localhost to hostgator account. The complete application is working fine on my localhost however once...
  11. Thanks for your quick help.
  12. Hi team,

    is there any method or possibility to use event model of other custom frameworks, with the event model of EXTJS, can both events model communicate with each other in any way possible.
  13. Hi team,

    i would like to know that how can i initiate an event from store itself to the other components who wants to listen as data in store changes or loads.
    One possible solution i know is...
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