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  1. What does that mean? Where do we have to enable this? We are getting the same error with the final version of 2.2.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 26 (Mac OS X)
  3. I have installed:
    Sencha Command v2.0.0 Beta 3

    Seems to be the latest Version of the SDK Tools. Or do I need Sencha Cmd? (btw very confusing names)
  4. Hi,

    my problem is pretty much the same as this
    In my app.json I set versionString to 1.2 but in the Info.plist there is an entry...
  5. I got it working by just creating a blank App via SDK Tools and update my Sencha Architect App to all the changes.
  6. app build testing gets me to the same error I get in app build production. And it works correctly on iOS, so it seems not to be JavaScript related. The app was created via Sencha Architect.

  7. Hi,

    when I run sencha package build packager.json the application is built and signed successfully and I get my .apk file. But when I run it on an Android Device I just get a white screen.
  8. Thank you for your answers.

    Thanks. I should've just read the message more clear.
    But the original error "Unkown error running post-install step." seems...
  9. Hi,

    I have downloaded the latest SDKTools and installed it. After the Installation I get:


    However, the SenchaSDKTools folder is available. When I try to create an App, I get:
  10. Hi,

    the CheckBox in this example isn't editable in IE9:

    IE7, IE8, Chrome, and FF work fine.

    Is there any kind of workaround?...
  11. Seems not to be fixed in 3.0.1!!
  12. When I add a KeyUpHandler to a TextField or a PasswordField checking if the user hit Enter, keyup doesn't receive anything (the field just lost its focus) and on keydown the value of the field is...
  13. Thanks for your testcase.
    I have tested my example with the GA and it works. Seems like this guy needs to be updated:...

    Sencha version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2 (Sencha Designer built-in)

    Browser versions tested against:
  15. I have got a scripttag proxy that reads json data from a remote https url.

    Tested on

    Emulator Android 2.2 [OK]
    Emulator Android 2.3.3 [OK]
    iOS 5 [OK]
    Samsung Galaxy S Android 4 [OK]
  16. When I create a new empty project everything works just fine. But when this project gets larger, it fails randomly on different actions. Therefore it's difficult to describe the steps to reproduce....
  17. I have the same error without switching from PC to MAC. The error occours very often. Most of the times on the 3rd or 4th action. It doesn't event matter what kind of action it is. Sometimes the...
  18. The filters need to be cleared before redefining.

  19. Interesting... Without the filterBy or with always returning true it works.
    But I don't think my expression is the problem, because when I console.log it, I will get some false and some true...
  20. Hi,

    I have a simple list of objects. On that itemtap event I display another list in a modal dialog and load related items via the store. The first time works, but on the second try the list...
  21. This works for me. Thank you for the fast response.
  22. I tried casting the PagingLoader<FilterPagingLoadConfig, PagingLoadResult<...>> to just raw PagingLoader as you described. After that I get the following ClassCastException:

    Caused by:...
  23. Hello,

    any new insights? We have the same problem, too.
  24. Hi,

    I'm using the Webdesktop with some windows. Sometimes when I resize the window I get the following error:

    My Window looks like this:

    And when the...
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