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    Well, it doesn't fix all the problems related to the layouts, see
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    Thank you!
    Darrell, you've mentioned last time that you are going to add Table based examples back in to the explorer demo. With them missing it feels like Table is deprecated control which is not,...
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    What about service releases of 1.0.x?
    Is the 1.1 fully compatible with 1.0.x?
    Where there breaking API changes from 1.0.4 to 1.1?
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    Main download page now says 1.0 again. Is it a mistake?
  5. Would be interesting to see what is in the works...
  6. I figured out the source of the confusion.
    The BorderLayout sets its own style (including background color) to the components it lays out (target.addStyleName("x-border-layout-ct"); ). So if I have...
  7. ok, thanks, the latest code you've mentioned, is it RC1 or current trunk?
  8. Ok, here is the example with a button, produces the exception as well:

    package gwt_15_Gxt_10_Test.client;

    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.GXT;
  9. First of all the clarification.
    The code included here shows the case where you construct a tab panel with two tabs.
    Second tab contains the table that is recalculated in a deferred command.

  10. The code above is a complete test code you can execute it from the onModuleLoad() like this:

    public void onModuleLoad()
    Viewport mainViewPort = new Viewport();
  11. Here is the code, line in bold where it fails.

    private void testMessageBox( LayoutContainer mainContainer )
    ToolBar toolBar = new ToolBar();
    TextToolItem logoutBtn =...
  12. The below code demonstrates the problem:

    private void testDataGrid( LayoutContainer mainContainer )
    TabPanel tabPanle = new TabPanel();

    TabItem item = new TabItem(...
  13. If I have a parent LayoutContainer with let say background-color:blue; does the child container(s) suppose to inherit this setting?
    For some reason I thought it was inheriting the style in myGWT but...
  14. The following code doesn't display bold text in the tool bar:

    LayoutContainer mainContainer = new LayoutContainer();

    ToolBar toolBar = new ToolBar();
    toolBar.add( new AdapterToolItem(...
  15. Thanks!
  16. Here is the code:

    final Dialog testD = new Dialog()
    this.setButtons( Dialog.OKCANCEL );
    this.setHideOnButtonClick( true );
  17. Sometimes JavaDoc and the actual code are different :) look for yourself.
  18. At a minimum I'd like to see the list of classes that were renamed as well as classes that significantly changed their behavior (e.g. certain initialization code is now required while it wasn't in...
  19. I remember it was said that ImageBundle support for images in buttons, menu and so on will be a part of 1.0. It seems like, though, that it is still isn't in as of beta2. Is there a road map for this...
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    Is it going to be available via regular download page?
  21. Yes, I know that what I was wondering is that if you are planning on changing this to allow some sort of add(Item) method so that this control could be use with different than Store types of data...
  22. is there a place in the currently available beta 1 source/doc where I can see how it is going to be supported?
  23. Will it be possible to streamline the API so that it would not force GXT way of data binding?
    I've noticed this in a couple of controls e.g. ComboBox.
    I suspect that not everyone is using the GXT...
  24. It appears that right now one cannot use ComboBox in unbound mode. There is no add(item) method as well as getSelectedItem().
  25. I remember this being discussed at old myGWT forum and the plan was to include this feature in to 1.0, is this on track for 1.0 release?
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