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  1. Hi,
    How can I in the ExtJS4 Grid autoresize the width of the columns according the content size? The width of the column should be the width of the longest content in that column just like it is...
  2. Do you have some working example? I've already spent few days and tried lot of solutions on this but I really don't know how to do it.
    Ext.MessageBox is a singleton, so how can I pass config to it?...
  3. Sorry I did expect the case is clear. It is a normal modal password dialog which pops up for a user to enter the password and I want to focus on the input field right after the popup. The input field...
  4. I'm sorry but this doesn't help me, I forgot to me mention that I need it to do in ExjJS 4 on a normal desktop.
  5. I have this dialog showing input field for a password. I need to focus on the input field after the dialog is shown. How can I do it?{
    title: 'Password',
  6. Hi

    I added a button to the tile header of a panel. It renders as a normal button. I want to have it transparent like the buttons in the toolbar. How can I reuse the css classes (all classes when...
  7. Is it possible to align the buttons to the left, right after the title?
  8. I've already checked it and I thought it's headerCt, but it's not. If you know the property name post it here.
  9. How to get the title header container?
  10. Thanks,
    and now how can I change the icon depending on column value, like in renderer or is there any setIcon() function which can I use during runtime the change to icon?
  11. How to fire an event after clicking an image inside a cell of a grid with row selection model? It will of course fire the default itemclick event, but how to detect that the image was clicked or fire...
  12. How to add a button into the panel title header right after the title?
  13. How can I move it to Ext JS 4 QA forum?

    And avoiding server load:

    root.set('loaded', true);
  14. (ExtJS4)
    I have a Ext.tree.Panel with a with proxy:

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: 'someUrl',
    reader: {
    type: 'json',
  15. No, it is a general problem, but IE has by far the slowest performance, Chrome is the fastest but still very slow comparing to ExtJS3.
  16. Actually I didn't make the analysis, I just migrated it to ExtJs3 and it was fast, but in ExtJs4 not, so that's the problem.
  17. Hi,
    I'm having performance problems when migrated from ExtJs 3 to 4 with:
    grid.reconfigure(store, columns) for 275 columns
    Time to execute the call:
    ExtJs3: under 1s
    ExtJs4: 32s (or script...
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    This one works, thanks.
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    This works only if for 'Ext.tree.Panel' 'rootVisible: false'.
    The problem is that I need it with invisible root, but when it's set to invisible then the root automatically expands and than it...
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    I have a tree with a store
    Whenever the store is created the data is autoloaded. The parameter autoLoad: false.

    Ext.define('MyStore', {
    extend: '', ...
  21. I'm using Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing for editing cells.

    The problem is when the data type of a cell is number, after clicking the cell to editing mode, but nothing changing, the cell is marked...
  22. ExtJS4 Grid - what's the config for:
    1. disabling lines between rows, meaning no lines between rows, like white background with no lines?
    2. each row with the same background color, like white...
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