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  1. I saw that thread too, and I even try'd it out. But I couldn't get it to work.
    I am not even sure, it was the right thing for me, because they talked a lot about browser resizing issues.
    and that...
  2. Thanks

    I wanted the rows to fit in it's container.Autoheight is good for that.
    I also wanted the whole grid to be visible in the view off the browser.
    That way you can scroll the grid instead...
  3. Hello,I have a grid with autoHeight set to true.

    When setting autoHeight to false and ajust the height to make the grid smaller the vertical scrollbar is not showing.

    What can I do to make it...
  4. Hello,

    Does anyone know how to toggle between autoheight is true and setting a height dynamicly of a grid.

    Mygrid is on a normal page without a viewport.

    If I do this, then I loose the...
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    I would like to know how to get an elements relative position to the document

    With jquery I get 650 for the clientHeight and 680 for the footer, so this way I know it is no longer in the...
  6. Hello,

    an annoying problem:
    I have a grid with a checkbox selectionmodel.

    If I change the left and right padding off that column the columns are no longer perfectly aligned.
    The reserved...
  7. Hello,

    Can someone please tell me why this store is not working correctly.
    I have try'd with another store and getting the data from the server and then it is working ok.

    If I have the store...
  8. Hello,

    Can someone please tell me why this is not working correctly.
    I have try'd with another store and getting the data from the server and then it is working ok.

    If I have the store setup...
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    I would like to know if it is typical that the valueField will not work anymore if the
    combo uses an XTemplate.

    {xtype: 'combo',name:'gebruikerid',fieldLabel:...
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    I found the answer, it's because find returns an array

    So it's

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    I would like to know if this is a bug or something else
    I try to set a text on a label, but what I get back is not a function

    The label

  12. Also, allowing formbind on hidden fields would be handy also.
    I saw it diddn't had an allowBlank property, so I had to use a textfield set to hidden.
  13. Hello,
    How can I use metadata to detect from wich grid the data is coming from,please

    ,onRender:function() {
    // call parent
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    Thanks, I will remember that next time
    For now, it does the job ok.

    I hope it can do a loadrecord, - but will see about that later.
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    I would like to find the spinner component and set a value for it without
    using getCmp and a dynamic id, although that is the only function that worked sofar.

    var myId = myId...
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    Don't trip over yourself with the sarcasme heh.

    At least, if that was what the comment was meant for.

    I have to look up the word forfend in the dictionary, if I wanted to be sure.:)
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    I would have to check that out in de api, to see how that works or what the syntax is.

    I also saw convert:renderer... directly in the datastore config, but that diddn't work for me.

  18. Hi,

    I would like to know if I can get the summary row plugin to do a countIF on one column.


    but then only count when the cell has a value off 1

    Right now, it...
  19. Hi,

    Does anyone have a solution for this
    This is just to show the difference, they are not both in the form.

    The problem is that this one loads normally

    var ww = {xtype:...
  20. Hello,

    I would like to know how I can find the parent and then find a field with an itemId

    I have seen the examples in the api, but it returns undefined in firebug?

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    I have a problem showing the decimal value in a grid
    In MySql the field has a decimal type so I set the datastore to a float type.

    Except now it is not showing 2.00, BUT only 2 without...
  22. Thanks, that was magicly and then I did this
    if( el = Ext.getCmp(this.parentid) )el.syncShadow();
  23. Hello,

    I have an extended form and the problem is that I cannot get the value from parentid.
    How can I solve the issue because I need to sync the shadow off the parentwindow?
    From the listener...
  24. You mean, by using xtype, the function cannot be found?
    Is that all?

    I will try that out right now.
    I will post back.

    Oh, sorry about the bad markup off the code.

    YES, that worked...
  25. Hello,

    I would like to know how to dynamicly pass a record to a form and load those values.
    Because the add and update form contain exactly the same fields, I thought this was more handy.

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