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  1. Hi there, yes I'm still breathing! ;)

    I did not solve it. Just had to hardcode the superclass name, and call its superclass. Like:

    MyClass = Ext.extend(OriginalClass, {

  2. Thanks for your replies. But... I need to avoid the parent's method, and go to the grand-parents method... so, I want to avoid calling myClass.superclass.method.apply, and instead call...
  3. So I'm extending a class, and redefining one of it's methods... and I need to call it's parent superclass method... in fact calling my grandparent's method. Or my superclass.superclass method.
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    Been trying to find a window that was already opened. I usually go with container.find(property, value) but this time I don't know who the container is for an Ext.Window.

    Since I'm working...
  5. evant, that is so simple it makes me smile! Works a charm.

  6. Condor, hmm that doesn't seem very nice. I'm reading the docs, believe me. It seems that particular nuance eluded me.

    I'm not using items.each() since, as I said, I need to recursively access all...
  7. Hello.

    I'm starting with ExtJS. While trying to cycle a split button's items I get undefined errors with:
    Ext.each(menu.items, myFunction)

    While the following will work fine:...
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