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  1. Hi Evan, I can use floatable: false to prevent the issue from occurring. However, I expected this to relate to the collapsable setting (it sure seems like temporarily decollapse for me), and...
  2. Thanks, and sorry Evan. Try adding it in a border layout such as in the example in the api:

    Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
    width: 500,
    height: 400,
    title: 'Border Layout',
  3. I tried (although it is false by default)
    titleCollapse: false as a workaround, but this does not disable de-collapsing via header click (as it should?!).
  4. animCollapse: false is not honored on collapsed panel when clicking header, instead of the decollapse tool.

    I have an iframe in this, so when using the header click to temporarily decollapse, this...
  5. Okay, found the trigger for my issue. :) The panel holding the grid is rendered with hidden:true. This creates an issue when the store is loaded, resulting the loadmask not to be removed. This is...
  6. If you do not care about the collapse animation for this panel, there is.\:D/ Simply setting animCollapse: false on your iframe will keep it in the dom, and will keep it from refreshing its...
  7. The needed mask() call is needed as unmask() needs masked = true to be set. Somehow this seems not to be set in this case.
    As the Store.js 4.0.6 code contains new //HACKS for loadMask support, I am...
  8. There are some //hacks (I believe related to [EXTJSIV-3638]), which are not working well. - This was not issueing in 4.0.2a.

    In my setup, I have an East Region holding 3 children with Flex. The...
  9. "Jiggling" the resizable out of bounds is fixed :), but part of the issue remains:

    When resizing horizontally, vertical boundingbox is not honored.
    When resizing verti.., vice versa ^

  10. :-?
  11. 28052
    This also blinks annoyingly.


    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
  12. Maybe it will give you some inspiration:

    uses: extjs, tinymce, raphael (, php5,...
  13. (backRef: showthread.php?75234-OPEN-91-3.0.0-Resizable-preserveRatio-constrainTo&p=448540)
  14. How's this:
  15. Replies
    Ha, same (~.body) here (but I'm sticking to the false as i need it).
  16. Replies
    *Bump* Firebug is giving me a hard time tracing this one to the core, but it seems Ext tries to use a tip that has not been appended to the DOM yet - even though:

    // Init the singleton. Any...
  17. IE > go to (f.ex.):

    javascript: new Ext.Slider({renderTo:document.body, autoWidth: true});
  18. Confirmed. No quick workaround/patch found.
  19. 1) It's not gonna fire the alert, but the destroy.
    2) I suspect you're experiencing a scope issue. Setup the listener like listeners: { click: {fn: foo: scope: baz}
    3) The overflowing seems to...
  20. setSize(undefined can be found @ /docs/source/BoxComponent.html#method-Ext.BoxComponent-setHeight, so:
    javascript: new Ext.BoxComponent({renderTo:document.body}).setHeight(123); return;
  21. Yes. Just run my code above without that property. I have also noticed; the bigger the resize handles - and how (distance-wise) 'earlier' you grab them - the further you can drag it out of the...
  22. Yes, still waiting for a fix :-) Note: Its also bugging without the preserveRatio.
  23. Hi Jozef, yes, go ahead if you agree it is.
  24. Hi,

    I am experiencing a bug (which results in an error on page in IE), where Ext (2.2, but it seems it's in 3.1.2 as well) passes the width in a setHeight function as undefined. This results in a...
  25. Bumped into this issue as well. Have a look at: .
    PS: I'd be carefull using the initial suggestion:
    as you loose the strict relationship of ID's...
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