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  1. Hi

    Attached the screenshot, checkbox near column name is not displayed in IE 7, but its showing correctly from IE8 version.,

  2. I'm able to reproduce this error in simple example. Attached sample code in this. When you click on "Include Middle Name" button, Grid creates multiple header.

    Note: you need to have two...
  3. Hi

    In beta4, I noticed reconfigure method in Grid is not clearing old column headers. Table shows two column headers after reconfigure method is called. But in beta2 it was working fine.
  4. Ok, I have fixed this issue by using addLoaderHandler in PagingLoader
  5. Yes correct, When data is loaded to the grid, is there any way to select the row. I tried to over ride isSelected() method from Grid. But grid never calls that method during rendering html.
  6. Hi

    Need to select few checkbox by default when Grid loaded with Checkbox (CheckBoxSelectionModel). I cannot see any option to do. Can someone advice me, how we can achive this? Do I need to...
  7. Hi

    I'm looking at API, I'm not able to find DrawComponent class or Sprite class. But I can find those in the jar file. Is this...
  8. Here is screen print, when there is horizontal scrollbar, then border under group name is missing

  9. Hi,

    If the group has Horizontal scrollbar, then border line display below group name does not show for all the columns. It disconnected in the middle.

  10. I resolved the issue by setting scrolloffset to 0. Just for FYI
  11. Hi

    In Grid component, When Horizontal scroll bar is not display, there is why space display at the end of last column. How to remove that.

  12. Thanks Darrel
  13. While developing component I noticed sort on grouping is not working. And I tried on example site also its not working there as well
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    Can we do Row Rendering in GXT Grid. we want to make entire row text in red color based on value in one of the column
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