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  1. No. I was using the UI in Sencha Architect.
    Running it via the command line works fine. I've attached the log for 2.2.1 and 2.3.0 upgrades.4561745618
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    I gave up and sucked Sencha touch into my app so it's local.
    CDN's aren't useful if they aren't reliable (:|
  3. 'fraid not.
    Just goes from home screen to blackberry logo, to black screen (now that I change the app's background color so it's not red :-) to the app.

    It's ok...the BB10 theme didn't work for...
  4. FYI, the red screen was because I had defined in my config.xml.
    One mystery solved at least.

    Still not sure why I don't get the microloader screen that's in...
  5. I'll answer my own question...

    In your project, go to the Library object. In the properties, you'll find Library Base Path. This points to the CDN normally.
    Upgrade your project to 2.3 or 2.2.1...
  6. Downloaded Sencha Touch 2.2.1 and and tried to use Package/Upgrade Project. Pointed it at the 2.2.1 Sencha Touch directory and I'm fairly sure I found a bug because you should never print "null"...
  7. Downloaded Sencha Touch 2.2.1 and and tried to use Package/Upgrade Project. Pointed it at the 2.2.1 Sencha Touch directory and I'm fairly sure I found a bug because you should never print "null" for...
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    Same issue
    not found.

    The release notes are there though, so that's weird...
  9. This morning, I was testing and this file was not found:

    Is there any way to tell Sencha Architect to use Sencha Touch...
  10. do I switch back to the old version of Sencha Touch in Sencha Architect?
    I tried submitting the app to BB World and they didn't like the bright red screen so they rejected it :((
  11. that why it's doing this?
    I thought I had some sort of indicator before but didn't equate this w/ me trying out the Sencha Touch 2.3 release that I recently pointed Sencha Architect at (I...
  12. Wrote a Sencha Architect app and trying it on an actual BB device w/ 10.2 loaded, it displays a bright red background first, then loads the app.

    On the simulator and loading the web site app.html...
  13. How do you tell Sencha Architect to include Sencha Touch into your project so it gets packaged with it when it's published?

    The issue is when I try to run it on a real device, it takes a while to...
  14. Thanks, Naveen. That's a good way to check for initial orientation.

    But the essential problem is
    - in the code that Sencha Architect generates, there's no way to programmatically choose an...
  15. Wondering what fellow BB10 developers are doing for this?
    I asked on the Sencha Architect 2.x forum and the suggestion was to use various CardLayout containers for different device resolutions:...
  16. Thanks, Naveen.

    The issue was that this isn't a URI:
    <access url="" subdomains="true" />

    This works:
    <access uri="*" subdomains="true" />

    And this also works:
  17. Hi Naveen,

    Click on the link in my OP to go to the thread on the BB webworks forum.
    I packaged it w/o problems, but the issue is when I try running it on the BB10 simulator, it throws a...
  18. I get this issue:

    I submitted the app in Draft form...can't...
  19. but then don't you still need to switch layouts? I haven't found an API to do that yet. Card switching in a card layout, I have found.

    Thanks. This really does need a seperate guide in the docs...
  20. If you have an app w/ multiple cards, would you still do a single layout container?
    Then you'd have cards named like
  21. So name the containers
    view1PhonePortrait (w/ id phonePortraitLayout)
    view1PhoneLandscape (w/ id phoneLandscapeLayout)
    Then in the code that is in the viewport on changed event can do...
  22. Thanks for confirming profiles aren't the right way to handle this in SA.
    But how do you handle the duplicate IDs if you need to reference components?
    You can't nest layout templates and from my...
  23. I've searched this forum and have seen a few people asking it w/o answers.
    There's a hint about how to do it using profiles in the documentation, but no concrete example. My main issue w/ the...
  24. Is there any place special this has to go?
    I still get this Javascript error when running it in the BB10 emulator.

    That area of my config.xml looks like this;

  25. I filed a bug w/ the storage url issue. Thanks for giving me a hint on how to debug it.
    On the bright side, I did redo most of a simple app within a day. As long as you realize it's really just...
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