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  1. haven't found one. i switched to a checkbox...

    I've found an unofficial deploy of ST, say 1.2.0 beta, there it works good.
    I guess that a final release of that version should be official in some...
  2. I made an application on ST 1.1.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S everything scrolls smooth and overall performance is very good.

    The customer ordered now around 100 Samsung Galaxy Ace phones and nothing...
  3. If got a Toggle field:
    new Ext.form.Toggle({

    and get the following error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property...
  4. I have Chrome 11 beta on Win and it doesn't work. maybe there is a difference between chrome on win and chrome on mac...

    my workaround should work on all devices i guess.
  5. I got Chrome 11.0.696.50 Beta on Windows and it also shows the black square.
    I think the alpha-channel is messed up in chrome.

    May it works on chrome on mac.

    Since it works on Safari and...
  6. And another Toggle-Bug:
    If you click in a form and drag, then the toggle-button moves out of place.

  7. Hi,

    i have a toggle button with default configuration.

    when i want to set a value with setValue() it throws an error:
    TypeError: Result of expression 'thumb.dragObj' [undefined] is not an...
  8. Yes, this behaviour is defenitely annoying.
    Sometimes the second half of the screen is blank!

    I've spend hours to find out what I am doing wrong and ended up with a hacky setHeight()-script on...
  9. well i haven't the same situation as you. but i can give you some code. may it help.
    This is just the component without any functions. you could update the panels with...
  10. maybe does the attribute "layout:'fit'" on both of the child-panels help.

    Thought i had a similar problem and layout:fit fixed that for me.
  11. Can't confirm that. Everything running fine. I've also had Tabs with "Ä,Ö or Ü" and no problems there.
    May you should check your browser config oder proxy-server.

    Habt Ihr die Files auch mit...
  12. I've noticed that the cardSwitchAnimation:'flip' is working like it should on iPhone but on Andorid its more a rotate-animation.

    I'm using Touch 1.00.
    Compared on iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S...
  13. here it is:

    new Ext.List({
    itemTpl:'<tpl for="."><div class="product"><strong>{titel}</strong><div id="addToCart_{id}"></div></div></tpl>',...
  14. Sencha Touch version tested:


    Platform tested against:

    Safari 5
  15. Ext.List pinHeaders ist documented as default 'true'.
    But its default set to 'false'.

    Using Ext 1.00.

    Personally i would like to see its default:true. Better UX.

    Sencha Touch version...
  16. Had the same problem after upgdating from 1.00RC to 1.00.

    Seems to be fixed with the hack postet above.

    Thank you.
  17. Replies

    I've got a problem with the cacheability of store-requests.

    My store config looks like this:

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