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  1. CCA

    The CCA is launching a new site, and ExtJS plays a key role. Since there is no decent calendar (at the moment anyway) in ExtJs ux... a little tiny bit of JQuery crept into the project.... but...
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    How about it ExtJS LLC.... going from bumming smokes to millions in revenue... there should be some cool t-shirts in the Ext store so we can spread the love and display our specialty geek cred.
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    I slightly changed an Ext.form.ComboBox to work with an XTemplate instead of the default. I picked three fields out of my and when the Ajax load supplies the data for the...
  4. Hi,

    With a configuration like:

    new Ext.form.CheckboxGroup({
    fieldLabel: 'Recommend one',
    columns: 2,
    items: someitems
  5. Click handler only fires when clicking the label...

    It's like the container accepting clicks is too small, does not include the images standing in for the default radio buttons...

  6. Hi,

    I am using FF3 on a widescreen 1440x900 Thinkpad... with Linux.

    No matter what I try, it seems that Ext 2.2 rendered radio buttons will not let me click the actual radio part of the radio...
  7. Hi,

    In FF3 running Firebug, Ext 2.2

    items: [
    {boxLabel: '1', name: "foo[bar]", inputValue: 1, checked: true},
    {boxLabel: '2', name: "foo[bar]", inputValue:...
  8. Hi,

    I have a pretty simple radio group that I build and render.

    buildImportance : function () {
    var radios = {
    xtype: 'radiogroup',
    fieldLabel: 'level',
  9. Never mind,

    Since it is not easy to attach editors based on the node attributes, I replaced TreeEditor with a popup form. Ext2 Forms can be built easily with any kind of editor, making it a simple...
  10. editor.on('beforecomplete', function(editor, value, startValue){

  11. Hi,

    I have a value stored in a tree node, "foo:bar". When I initiate an editor on this tree node, I only want to edit "bar", so I remove the "foo:" and set the value to "bar" in my onStartEdit()...
  12. Hi,

    I just got back into this bit of code and explored a little further. I notice your override suggestion for the layout of a container only deals with width, whereas the problem with bottom tabs...
  13. Oh man.. I just cannot see myself wasting my anymore of my life on IE crap.. I am so thankful it just seems to work on IE 7.. I will count my blessings there.. I suppose it will not hurt to try and...
  14. Hi,

    Thanks.. for that check. I cannot tell from your screen capture what is happening at the bottom of the layout, but for sure, for me, on two machines, there is a definitive problem with IE 6....
  15. Hi Bernard,

    Well.. I hope that is the case. I am testing on IE 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2. I also have another machine lined up with 6.0.2900 which shows the same ugly thing. I will screencap to show...
  16. Hi,

    I have a slight problem with a site where I have been told IE is not working correctly.

    The site is If you click the menu option for About the Designs or...
  17. Hi,

    Interesting. I added the Ext.layout.ContainerLayout to my page constructor, and indeed it gets called for each container that gets laid out. It does not take too many calls before I see my...
  18. Bummer... that does not work in my case. I have carefully organized my setup to ensure I am not doing anything stoopid, and yet I still get bottom tabs partially rendering under my main south region....
  19. So, if this is a feature, what would you recommend for the pattern so that when content collapses, the window (and shadow) will follow?
  20. I concur...I have the exact same problem.. RC1... collapse a fieldset and the shadow does not resize with the change in form dimensions...
  21. Hi,

    I add a tabPanel to my border layout center region and that works great. My tabPanel contains other panels, so naturally the configuration of tabs on the bottom for this panel makes sense....
  22. OMG: Wow. That did work. At one time or another, I have implemented each and every workaround to this problem. Depending on the alignments of the Moon and my ass, the workarounds would behave with...
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    I create a nested border layout with some content panels when a tree node is clicked. One of those content panels contains an Ext.View, which displays images. After I create the view, and...
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    I have a tree with nodes that are a mix of text, dates, and numeric values, some with validation and some without. I would like to use TreeEditor to provide edits for these nodes. How can...
  25. Hi,

    Linux, FF2, Ext-1.1

    Here is a visual tour of a problem I am experiencing with Layout Dialog. I declare a center region which I make a ContentPanel. In that panel, I am rendering a form. In...
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