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  1. found the issue - xtemplate does not like x-editable editor selectors
  2. I am trying to add a new record to the store bound to my Ext.view.View which has a template with colspan and rowspan - can anyone confirm that it is possible to add records to a store and have the...
  3. this works :)

    '<tpl if="values[&quot;array--rowedittable&quot;].valueOf()==true">'

    and so does this

    '<tpl if="values[\'array--rowedittable\'].valueOf()==true">'

    where model has array--rowedittable...
  4. Can anyone tell me how to encode hyphens in the tpl if logic - I have tried quite a few without success
    '<tpl if="data[\'array--rowedittable\'] == true">',

    '<tpl if="data['array--rowedittable']...
  5. I have locked columns:
    If I edit the RowExpander code in ext-all-dev.js I can get the event to fire if I change the fireView to be the same as view


  6. dongryphon, thank you very much for the advice - it's really helpful - I will take out my extra src ref on command line
  7. I just got 4.2.2 src and still cannot see event getting fired in console in firebug

    I have tried attaching event listener to the rowExpander

    this.rowExpander = new Ext.grid.plugin.RowExpander({...
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    Does anyone have an example of creating a CTemplate for grid using MVC class definition?
    I am creating the CTemplate on init() - but I am unsure of how/when to overwrite the template

  9. I managed to get my compile to work I had a few issues being a newbie to cmd - my paths on command line were full path rather than relative, I had some circular referencing errors and also had an old...
  10. unfortunately, I can't interact with it as the application does not load, I just have blank screen - I have a feeling it may be a paths issue in main app,js file definition and the classpath on the...
  11. compiling produces warnings:

    [WRN] C1009: Circular reference in requirements chain (
    C:\Users\Downloads\myFolder\app.js ->
    C:\Users\Downloads\myFolder\app\view\Viewport.js ->...
  12. I am having similar issues. This is my first attempt with compiler so apols if I have missed something obvious.
    I have tried to follow the instructions...
  13. yes works with server filter:)
  14. maybe I need to pass filter=couri store proxy param to server, reduce list on server?
  15. anyMatch not matching string in any position in the field value:

    I have the following config for my combobox using 4.2.1 code base
    anyMatch: true,
    autoSelect: true,
    minChars: 3,
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    I am trying to get a fieldcontainer to maintain it's position when hideMode: offset
    xtype: 'fieldcontainer',
    layout: 'hbox',
    id: "sethb",
    hideMode: 'offset',
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    since not every case will require all records loaded up front (if records run into the thousands) can Sencha confirm whether they are working on a fix for buffered store which will also fix related...
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    does anyone have a buffered grid working with remote sort and remote grouping ?

    1) can someone explain to a newbie how the changes in 4.2 have effected grouping - what needs to be in place to get...
  19. thanks slemmon, I will check out the classes you suggest re. headerClick handling

    re store.each - yes I was using that originally in my code (pre 4.2) but switched to another way of iterating...
  20. I used the following in the end:

    for (j=01; j<; j++) {
    var data =[j].value;
    for (i=0; i<data.length; i++) {
  21. I used the following to update the buffered store:

    for (j=01; j<; j++) {
    var data =[j].value;
    for (i=0; i<data.length; i++) {
  22. @VDP
    I managed to figure out that the buffered store data is attached to the grid - the following worked for me to get access to the buffered records to update them

    for (j=01;...
  23. I misinterpreted what the example was showing, yes I am wanting to update the buffered store value to checked=true on click of header
  24. evant - could you expand upon this ? I have the same issue - if you can't loop over the store how do you dynamically update the store's records?
  25. I changed the code base to 4.2.0 Build date: 2013-03-11 22:33:40 (aed16176e68b5e8aa1433452b12805c0ad913836) - but still have data undefined on store.each

    store = Ext.create('', {
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