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    You could always use DeftJS (
    I use their ViewController classes instead of the Sencha MVC system.

    In fact, this looks nearly the same as DeftJS. I would guess Sencha hired the DeftJS...
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    A +1 to this fix. I had to patch AbstractStore to add this behavior since it made no sense why it did absolutely nothing.
  3. DeftJS is quite nice for this. Also their ViewController implementation is quite nice. Their promises make things quite a bit less nested when dealing with asnychronous code.
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    SenchaCmd is a pig with memory.

    If you're going to be doing a large project you'll likely need at least 4gb of RAM or more to run the build.

    I'm working on a project with a SenchaCmd workspace...
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    What we ended up doing is just including SenchaCmd in our repo. Sure it's huge but it ensures that all developers and the CI system are all using the same version of SenchaCmd since there are...
  6. That is unfortunately returning a 404 now. I would have liked to have seen the no doubt massive changelog.
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    Our ExtJS 4.2 app uses assoications heavily and we have noticed the same thing. Have not yet been able to pin down a cause. Hopefully this will make the 4.2.1 release.
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    I hope this is addressed soon. It makes it hard to work with ExtJS 4.2.0 release when you can't upgrade your apps to it.
  9. That's still the version. It doesn't work with the 4.2.0 release
  10. I'm very excited for the ExtJS 4.2.0 release, but without a proper version of Sencha Cmd for it it makes it a little tricky to work with.

    The current version listed in ext-
  11. So it looks like anything in {app_dir}/sass/var gets included before any theme variables. So you can set new defaults there.

    The files in {app_dir}/sass/src get included after all the theme vars...
  12. This is very incorrect. SenchaCmd looks at your source files to decide what components your app is using, it then generates a .scss file called "build/{app}/{environment}/{app}-all.scss" that...
  13. Its kind of a strange order once you think about it. It seems to go like this:

    Custom Theme Vars
    Parent Theme Vars
    Grandparent Theme Vars
    Grandparent Theme Source
    Parent Theme Source
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    I think the way filtering on the ComboBox is being handled differently. It seems to be applying a filter to the store in the bindStore() function. Since the value can be empty it seems to cause some...
  15. Hello again,

    In the NodeInterface.removeAll() function sets the previousSibling, nextSibling, and parentNode values of all childNodes to null before it fires the 'remove' event.

  16. This seems to regenerate the generated .scss file. This is good for updating when .js source is added or edited or .scss files are added or removed.
  17. So it looks like you can just use the same compass command line that is used by the ant "sass" target
    compass compile --sass-dir ${compass.sass.dir} --css-dir ${compass.css.dir} --config...
  18. Hello,

    I was wondering what the bare minimum command line is to recompile the css for a project. It takes a rather long time to do it via SenchaCmd by doing a "sencha app build".

    The scenario...
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    See this thread I posted.

    The issue is due to a node with no nextSibling. It has been fixed and we should see it in the next 4.2 release
  20. Thanks for the response.
    I tried to implement it looking up the tree to determine the range but the "remove" event is called after the node has already been removed from the tree structure.
  21. There is a bug in onNodeCollapse in that causes parts of a TreeView to dissapear when removing nodes during collapse and Drag & Drop operations.

    It seems to incorrectly...
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