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    Thanks Condor!! Just what I needed right now \:D/
  2. Simply add the override after declaration of Combobox (after ext-all.js), and before BoxSelect plugin. In other words, make sure you include your scripts in the following order:

  3. I'm gonna share how I solved extending the boxselect for a tagging mechanism I needed. This extension contains the store since the JsonFormat is given. I also enable settings of the values from...
  4. Pressing backspace in IE throws an error initially. Add an item and pressing backspace works.

    Fixed by checking if this.lastValue is defined like this:

    onKeyUp: function(e)
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    What kind of UI would you use for tagging? I mean you would like to support at least these operations:

    Select tag
    unselect tag
    add new custom tag

    I've been thinking of the BoxSelect...
  6. I already have this extended to let the autocompleter search the entire string for local stores. Like if you wrote "ate" you would get hits on "Kate", "Mate" or "schwaccate".. ;)

    How would I go...
  7. Thanks a lot! Now WHY didn't I just ask right away instead of struggling with this for several hours on my own.

    Here's my custom combo that takes a firstOption:

    Facilit.App.Form.ComboBox =...
  8. I have a local JsonStore ready for use, and I use it in two comboboxes. However, I want to add an extra inital value in one of the comboboxes. At the moment I'm just adding a new entry in the...
  9. You may start off by thinking of the combobox as a nicer replacement of a normal SELECT html element. So when using a SELECT you would need an empty element to choose from when you don't want to set...
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    Obviously, if security is really important and you're afraid of session cookies getting "lost", I'd start off by applying SSL. Encrypted traffic between client and server, and encrypted cookies, will...
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    I'm not sure what the normal session timeout time is in your application, but I think it is like 20 minutes on our application. So if the user does not load some page from our server for a time of 20...
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    I've seen the Google Maps panel but I was wondering if anyone has successfully used the Virtual Earth API to load maps using an address as "locator". :-?
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    Ok... Now I'm confused!! :-?

    How does this even work? Is the buttons handler supposed to create a new form and submit this separately?? I was under the impression I could use this browsebutton to...
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    I tried to add this to a form with anchored layout and this made the entire form blink for half a second, then disappear. I had to add "anchor:null" in the declaration of the browsebutton...
  15. On every page where I'm using this to make sure resizing doesn't mess with the layout:

    Ext.EventManager.onWindowResize(function() { Ext.getCmp('ID_OF_OUTER_PANEL').doLayout() });

    Since I am...
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    That explains a lot! :((

    (insert smiley that keeps banging its head against a wall)
  17. use firebug to see in the console what url is requested and what is the response from the server... If you do not want to use firebug, use Fiddler
  18. This should definitely be an option on the combobox. Should not be necessary to override doQuery to achieve this. :-?
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    Seems to me that this isn't an extension or plugin, just an idea of using the builtin mechanisms in ExtJs. The code is simply the code written in the first post (and not the attached...
  20. Ok. I got it to work. I moved the logic that tries to submit the form away from the button handler and into the form class itself. The button simply calls the forms save method, and apparently at...
  21. Ok. I need to revert a lot here... I see now in the markup that the retarded form is rendered TWICE!! In Norway we have a saying: "V
  22. Hmm... I don't suppose I could do an add like that. See here how that config is done:

    Facilit.App.CommonConfig = {

    xtype: 'container',
    autoEl: {},
  23. Not sure I follow. I have not included in that snippet whats inside each config. I recon TabPanel has its layout given bu the fact that its a tabpanel.
    The first item is (overview) is actually...
  24. setting deferredRender to false still didn't make that handler find the element.

    Here's the tab:

    var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
    plain: false,
    activeItem: 1,...
  25. well, tried to set the tab containing the form as the "activeItem" but that didnt make the getEl find the friggin element... it appairs like the handler doesn't know about the DOM regardless...
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