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  1. Hello guys,

    I'm trying to use the example in this link: "", but unfortunately it is not working, nothing appears on the...
  2. Hello everybody, I'm trying to deploy this example: in my project, but do not know where I must inform or create this SASS in...
  3. Many thanks to Gary and MikeRH the feedback.

    I hope the team Sencha solve it as soon as possible.

    This confuses the less experienced users like me.
  4. Hello Gary, I have two applications that have different treatments.

    In my first application, I have a index.html generated by the CMD and the second application, the user will access the...
  5. Hello Gary,

    The version of the CMD is:
    The version of Exjts is: 6.2.0
    The themes that I want to use are: "theme-classic" or "theme-triton".
  6. Hello Gary, thanks for the feedback.

    But what about my root ("MySolutionsNet") you asked, how would the path?
  7. Thank you for being willing to help me, Gary.

    Gary, the settings that we set up in app.json file is for reference only to build work, right? If your answer is yes, then I'll let the relative...
  8. My ".NET" solution in relation to Extjs, is in the following hierarchy:


  9. Good night, Gary.

    Unfortunately, the build did not find the files in the "Content" standard of my .NET application, see:

    My CSS files are in the following folder hierarchy in .NET:
  10. Hello guys,

    I'm working on version 6.2.0 of Extjs. When you build my application, I get these warnings that the images were not found:

    I've looked these images where unzipped...
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Evant!

    I use the Sencha CMD and also I had read this passage of the documentation.

    In Extjs 4 version, I used the ext-all-debug.js in index.html, to be able to debug...
  12. Hello,

    I work with .NET, and I have two CSS files that are in the default folder "Content" from my .NET MVC project, like so:

    It is in this section that I must inform my particular...
  13. Hello Gary, I'm sorry for the lack of experience in Extjs.

    I found the file in the folder:

    I wonder if this new version of Extjs 6.x, where I do the ext-all-debug.js reference in...
  14. Gary, I tested without the underscore and it worked!

    So I ask, Extjs does not use ("_") underscore in namespace?
  15. I'm going to test here without the underscore. Wait for me...
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    Thank jmin91
  17. Hello guys,

    I have a big question when migrating to version 6.x. In version 4.x, I put the reference to ext-all-debug.js for debugging in index.html, but now I realized that the...
  18. Hello guys,

    When compiling using the build, is giving a conflict error with the class name. See errors and my class:


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    Thanks for the tip Mitchell Simoens.

    I use Windows 7 and will use this command to run the examples of Sencha. Please could you give me an example (step-by-step) how to run the examples of...
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    Hi Gary, thanks for feedback.

    Through a friend, I found out now that has such a command "sencha web start" performing a simple web server, but still do not know how it works.
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    Hello guys,

    I want to run the examples of Extjs 6.x on my local windows machine. I would like to know from colleagues, which is the best server I use Xampp or Wamp?
  22. Many thanks to colleagues "antiplaka" and "wemerson.januario" for updates and hosting.

    Wemerson, we will also see us on ok ?!

    a hug
  23. Hello Wemerson,

    I am part of discussion group, welcome.
    I'm upgrading to version 5.x I use "NumericField.js".
    I wonder if you will make any changes in the script to work...
  24. Thank you for your service and willingness to help me.

    A big hug and be in peace !!!
  25. Hello, thank you for feedback.

    I have one more question, so that the server command "-sdk"? it is also used in Sencha CMD 5.x?
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