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  1. ExtJSNinjas , Can you pls tell me how to use Override file ?
  2. Thanks Mitchell. We did that, but we could only change the color/font/size. Is there any SaSS samples which gives a radically different look & feel !
  3. Hi All,<br>
    We have built an Ext JS App with Zend / MySQL as back-end. The application works fine. The UI is Ok (with grey theme).<br>
    But, we are looking at making the UI very slick...
  4. Thanks Mitchell. Appreciate all your help !.

    Happy Holidays to you !.
  5. You mean, migrate to the latest version of Ext JS or just those plugins ?
  6. Thanks Mitchell. I still couldn't get it working. When I type the first search character, it works, and then if I continue to type more chars in the search box, result is 'nothing found' when there...
  7. I am trying to implement RowExpander and LiveSearchGridPanel plugins. Both used individually, works fine, but when used together, search doesn't work.

    Has anyone faced this problem ? a bug ? Any...
  8. Thanks Mitchell, I wasn't knowing !.

    And, everyone !

    What is the xtype for live-search-grid ? Our existing code uses Ext.Define, and live-search-grid example uses Ext.Create !. Can we just...
  9. I am trying to replace my grid with 'Live-Search-Grid' plugin. The 'live-search-grid' example and the way my past developer coded the custom Grid look quite different and I couldn't replace it and...
  10. Replies
    We are on 4.0.2a and face this problem on production (CentOS) and not on local (Win XP). We don't want to upgrade Ext JS yet. Is there any easy hack for this issue ?
  11. Did you solve this ? Can you share your code, how you implemented livesearch grid ?
  12. Ext JS 4.0.1
  13. I want to display a 'help' icon so that on mouse over, display a tip on what the chart is all about. This is not data tooltip which works just fine. I want this icon to appear next to the chart title...
  14. anyone ? Under what circumstances, will the Ext-JS classes be ignored in jsb3 build ?
  15. I am using Sencha SDK to generate a jsb3 file. It contains all my custom JS file references, but not the required ext-js references ? How do I solve this dependency issue ? The application is built...
  16. Did you solve this problem ? My app-all does not include the required Ext-JS classes .
  17. Hi Guys,
    I am a newbie in ExtJS and developing an application with ExtJS4/Zend/PostgreSQL. After integrating lot of elements in the application viewport it takes lots of time to load the entire...
  18. Thanks.

    Looks like getting SaSS to work is a pain. Any idea how to get the grey theme ?
  19. Thanks, Justin.

    Yes, I have read about SaSS + Compile in few other threads. I think it is just fine for some minor tweaks, but nothing more and the document is poor too.
  20. Will my custom theme generated from your site, work with Ext JS 4 on my server ?

    And, How to make buttons larger (button text size increased, font weight made bold) with sharper edges than rounded...
  21. Is there any global setting (CSS class?) to change all button text's font size and font weight ? Make round edges to sharper ones ?
  22. Thanks, HttpDotCom.

    Can you point me to some good articles on writing our own custom themes in Sencha ?.
  23. Hello Everyone,

    A Ext JS newbie here. Playing around with the examples, tutorials and started to build my first Sencha app (on Php/PostgreSQL).

    I need some pointers on how to go about building...
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