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  1. Ext guys can you please add this into an upcoming release? It should be a quick fix and I think it's necessary.
  2. I'm sure there is a more elegant approach to fixing this problem, but here is my solution until this is fixed in SVN:

    Ext.Toolbar.Separator.prototype.destroy = function() {
  3. Coincidentally I ran into this same problem today and am interested in a resolution. If I find one I'll post it :)
  4. I'd second the motion on this one. Maybe some trickery to enable the printing of individual Panels without actually showing the special print view?

    We're going to need to be able to print various...
  5. It would be great if we could get some benchmarks / comparisons between the current GridView and the upcoming GridView3. Has anyone with SVN access measured the speed difference, especially when...
  6. I second the motion for an auto-filter addition to the column header context menus. It would be great if it worked similar to the sorting and simply passed auto-filter params in the request.
  7. It would be great if you could apply a global scope to all menu items within a Menu by passing a 'scope' variable to the menu config:

    var menu = new{scope: this.myScope});

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    I agree - it would be great to have some sort of push implementation supported by Ext.
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    Awesome! Very much looking forward to this.
  10. It would be great if we could have a configuration option on BasicDialog that would open up the BasicDialog in a completely new browser window while maintaining proper variable references. That way...
  11. BasicGridView must only be in the SVN trunk? I downloaded 1.0 from the website and it was not included, nor was an "experimental" directory.
  12. FYI - I'm just going to do something like the following for the time being:

    * Destroys each Panel in all the BorderLayouts LayoutRegions
    Ext.BorderLayout.prototype.destroy =...
  13. I am constantly removing / creating NestedLayoutPanel's which contain Grids, other NestedLayoutPanels, etc. Should I be worried about leaks since there is no destroy method that gets called on the...
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    Excellent. Looking forward to it, Jack!
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    I'd like to see what you could do with a simple implementation like this, Jack. I'd love to have the *option* of a high-performance grid. If it is really snappy but has some limitations, at least you...
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    Thanks Animal, I'm not sure if it sped things up or not, though :).

    Boy, this seems like a tough one - as far as I can tell, one of the big bottlenecks is in the browsers ability to compute an...
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    I wanted to chime in here as well as the updateRule bottleneck has been brought up in a few other threads and I want to be sure to express it's criticality - this is the single biggest bottleneck in...
  18. Listening for an event and passing "single: true" to the options does in fact fire the event only once, however, it does not pass along the options as an argument to the event handler. Is that by...
  19. Is there any way to expand a single row in a Grid / GridView without re-rendering the entire Grid? An example in the docs shows a method of expanding all rows, however, it would be more desirable to...
  20. You can extend the SelectionModel of choice and splice the following check into the handleMouseDown method. I can't c/p everything from mine as I have created my own SelectionModel.

    <snip>... if...
  21. When including an extremely long string in a row column, it will wrap the column to the next line. I don't know what the threshold - a sample column of ours had 1200 characters (yes, we realize we...
  22. The following code fails:

    try {
    } catch(e) {

    We are compiling templates based on user input which will invariably contain...
  23. Right, it seems as though either the ContentPanel is recreating the iframe upon removal/re-addition or some other method is doing so. As long as the iframe remains intact and no new iframes are...
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    I'm interested in this topic as well. We will have a tree with > 700 nodes - right now the YUI tree works great and loads very quickly (no performance stats on it yet). Hopefully when I convert to...
  25. Ah! I bet it is the autoCreate. You should create that iframe separately otherwise the Panel probably re-creates it each time it's removed/re-added.
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