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  1. Yes you can also Google web hosting provider, and see how many different providers you get. Its very easy, I agree. You can find pretty much anything with Google now days.
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    Well, with the emergence of a lot of online applications, the ability to port your media in such populated links would just make the availability even better.

    I mean, with a lot of applications...
  3. Well, I have been reading a lot about it before and as branded to allow developers to use flash and flex to build some sort of rich media applications that can run outside the browser on multiple...
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    I am not that really familiar with titanium though I would have to say that I did not really put that much attention to learning on it. So I jumped back to air rather quickly.

    Though I have heard...
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    Well, I have not heard of it coming out with an air adapter but I just hope that they would, and soon. I have been trying to look at some points to possibly be able to get a link for it to work with...
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