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  1. Thanks, I think that will do it
  2. Is there anyway to set a http header when loading a object? I want to be able to send along a "If-None-Match" header in some cases to prevent reloading of data that has not...
  3. Is there an easy way to style the buttons in the title bar of a grid or panel to look more like buttons. What I want is from them to look like the buttons at the bottom of a page. The problem is that...
  4. I have a large ExtJS application that I am not yet ready to move over to ExtJS 3.0 just yet. However I do need some charting, is there a way to get the chart code to work in ExtJS 2.2?

  5. Has anyone ever had this problem, I am using ExtJS on Firefox 3.0 with Firebug and gears. Every time i try to single step in the Javascript code Firefox crashes. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Its kind of a hack now, but I am working on making it less hack like as i have time. I'll post it soonish.

  7. I have a large intranet app Using ExtJS and I use gears for quite a number of things, it makes things much faster. All static files are in the Managed Store (over 400 at last count), I use the DB for...
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