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  1. Thanks! :)
  2. Sorry, in my actual code the quote is closed. I just copied and pasted a fraction of my code here. I should have made sure it's closed here too.

    But, im still struggling with it.
  3. This is the resulting HTML code with the img tag I get.

    <img src width="55">
    <div class="test">Cheese</div>

    My {photo} attribute in the .json file contains a valid URL of a .jpg file one. ...
  4. itemTpl: '<img src="{photo}" width="55" />

    I have a DataView list that I'm populating with a JSON file. I can't figure out how to pass the {photo} attribute into that "src" parameter in the <img>...
  5. {
    xtype: 'map',
    flex: 1,
    mapOptions: {
    zoomControl: false,
    panControl: false,
  6. Thank you Lucas & Mitchell. I finally made it work. You guys got me in the right direction.

    Thanks Mitchell. I started with your code as the base for my tab panel that I wanted to have a List. I...
  7. I have a simple Tab Panel to test how to add a DataView list inside one of those tabs.

    This is my TabPanel -- nothing fancy, just 2 tabs. I want the DataView list in the 'testpanel' tab.
  8. I run into debugging problems all the time with Sencha Touch 2.

    Is there a systematic way to debug Sencha Touch 2 code?
    How can I put breakpoints in the js while running locally on Chrome?
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