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  1. I'v this 2 MVC files
    a view:


    Ext.define("MyApp.view.Main", {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    requires: [
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    just wanted to say, that I really like this lib, it's really much more like a game to use than others.

    However, i could not use it as I wish, for 2 reasons, 1 main and 1 small :

    Can't run...
  3. a real tree cannot have several branches with a common child,
    but in practise this kind of extended tree is useful, and SenchaTouch lacks simplicity to implement it
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    @jamie same with ST 2.0.1
    Here is a screenshot, of what happens, when you tap too much
    The blue color is from the html background, ang the urlbar is now higher
  5. I'm doing it from a registered domain name, not just localhost,
    but it's also working for me with localhost
    what does it say when you put your above url in ?

  6. the same as in the post#1 but with useDefaultXhrHeader:false,
  7. thx
    did not notice that:, in ext.ajax.request

    useDefaultXhrHeader : Boolean
    Set this to false to not send the default Xhr header (X-Requested-With) with every request. This should be set to...
  8. This is strange because, from a file:/// static webpage, in jquery, I can do an ajax to my server, CORS-enabled,

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    platform: ubuntu 10.04, 32bit

    sencha-sdk: 2.0.1 gpl

    sencha-sdk-tool: 2.0.0 beta3 for linux32

    my app is building correctly for all 4 possible targets under Windows
    On Linux, the native build...
  10. 5 syntax errors
    the compressor doesn't tell where they are, How can I fix them?, jslint?

    edit, it's ok I'm trying to locate the problems, by commenting parts


    edit2: it did'nt compiled...
  11. Sencha Touch 2.0.0 or 2.0.1
    Device: any

    in my app I do a

    which is a id a ressource

  12. Only build testing is working, the only one without compression I guess

    for the 3 others, I have exactly the same error:

    [INFO] Minified app.css
    [INFO] Minified sdk/sencha-touch.js...
  13. it's probably a minor bug through, but useful, since it's freqent to use autocomplted form fields

    picture: first field filled using at least one key event
    second field, I select one...
  14. The value attribute actually sets the picker slots values, I would need to keep an empty text field (in my form it's a filter, when empty all possible dates are taken), but set the picker slots with...
  15. For a datepickerfield, I would like to display the datepicker set with today's date,
    an idea?
  16. sorry forgot
    It's when you have the field still empty, and trigger autocompletion by a double tap (on PC or tablet/phones), then the field takes the value, but the clearIcon, is not displayed
  17. If you autocomplete a textfield with browser form cache, the clearIcon on top left of the field is not activated

    browser: Chrome 18

    ST 2 & 2.0.1rc
  18. Yes one thing

    When removing a carousel tab, and trying to insert the same object again, it doesn't display, is it autoDestroy?

    edit yes it is
    it's surely efficient for memory, but this param...
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    Is it possible to do it?

    I have tried to do Ext.viewport.add ( carousel) where carousel has a special width, height, modal: true, hideOnMaskTap: true, but the latter 2 are not working

    see it...
  20. I would like to start with 3 elements in the carousel, and if a search succeeds, a 4th carousel tab is added or made visible

    I have first tried to put all 4 at start with the 4th hidden: true, but...
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    yes thx I did that already
    Not sure yet if it's secure to become a public Ajax domain?, or else I could try to filter the allowed domain
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    I wasn't aware that jsonP was GET only, untill I had a '414 Request-URI too large' error

    I have seen and...
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    I have a list with a store with a proxy

    When I click an item, I can delete it, I delete it both on server-side and do a store.remove(record)

    when I get back to the list it's ok, the item is...
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    I would like to add delete buttons at the right of item
    the only way is to put them in itemTpl, and add a DOM listener?
    Is there someone that has already done that, please?
  25. sorry solved with Ext.getStore('blabla')
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