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    Yes that's a simpler solution, but you have to give up the control that ToolTip provides (display duration, mouse tracking, , etc.), and the cross-browser compatibility isn't guaranteed.
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    This is my latest and hopefully last version. It takes care of special cases, for example when some TreeItems don't have a tooltip, and includes workarounds for various oddities of GXT (as usual). If...
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    My previous solution seems to break sometimes in show() because targetXY is null... This doesn't happen in regular tooltips because you get a MOUSEMOVE event before showing the tooltip, but since...
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    This is how I did it:
    -subclass TreeItemUI and override method onOverChange()
    -set the "ui" field (protected) of TreeItem to my own subclass of TreeItemUI

    public class MyTreeItemUI extends...
  5. Wonderful :)
    That will simplify a lot of our code.
  6. I'm sorry and I don't mean to rude be but this is not a valid justification; nothing prevents you from firing a ChangeEvent in setValue() if the new value differs from the old one.

    A valid...
  7. Could you point me to this thread please? Because I couldn't find it.

    I'm curious to know the reasons behind this design choice that defeats the purpose of FieldBindings altogether. It seems...
  8. FieldBindings are great, but they do not always ensure what they should ensure, i.e. that the model properties and field values are always in sync.

    calling clear() on the...
  9. I'm sorry but you misunderstood. My suggestion doesn't remove anything, it just adds a second generic parameter to the MultiField class which would be used to specify the data type behind the...
  10. Fine. Meanwhile I can live with my custom FieldBinding, but being able to use autobind would be better...
  11. This is fine for you because you're not using FieldBindings, so you can call getChoiceSet() instead of getValue(). The default FieldBinding implementation uses getValue() and setValue(), which are...
  12. Waiting for an official answer.. what's your opinion? Does anyone even use MultiField?
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