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  1. You can reproduce the authentication issue with a sample app generated by Sencha Command 3.

    My model:

    Ext.define('HttpsBug.model.MyModel', {
    extend : '',
    config : {...
  2. Hey,

    I can confirm the issue you were pointing out (which is also pretty annoying, but independent of the cache.manifest). The issue I am having, however, is a different one (hence I also get it...
  3. I will attach a little code snippet to clarify what I'm doing. Some of the code was refactored due to copyright and other reasons.

    The model is defined as follows:

  4. Hi there,

    the issue still persists and I am forced to disable the cache manifest completely. I may note that it makes no difference whether I use iOS 5 or 6.

    I am looking forward to a solution.
  5. Hey,

    thanks for your answer. I know that basic auth is not secure at all, however, I am forced to use it since the server uses the provided credentials to set several access permissions for the...
  6. Hi everyone!

    My Sencha Touch application resides on an Apache server with server-side basic authentication, i.e. upon the first connection, the user has to enter his/her credentials via the...
  7. Hi Scott,

    thanks for the reply. I did indeed have some unnecessary commata in my files. Removing them fixed the build when using sencha-touch-all.js.

    Nevertheless, I still can't deploy using...
  8. Hey everyone,
    I am using the SenchaSDKTools 2.0.0beta3 together with Sencha Touch and am encountering some weird issues with the sencha app build command.

    My application works flawlessly...
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