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  1. With your help I could reproduce, and I talked to the Cmd team. Seems like there is a bug in ExtJS/Cmd.

    A workaround is to edit the `ext-lang-pt_BR.js`, simply add the following
    "// @require...
  2. afaik, the ordering looks correct in the scss file. Not sure where to go from here.

    You could try to add
    $form-field-font-size: $font-size;

    as well to the scss resource, but that might just...
  3. We don't have a good way of adding an external scss file to a theme at this point, other than copy/pasting it's content into a scss resource inside Architect.

    Putting it in the temp compile folder...
  4. Sound like Cmd might be including the scss in the wrong order. Could you share your tmp scss file
  5. The images typically resides in both places, with the "master" copy being in the theme folder. Due to they way the internal preview is compiled, the images will typically not be included if they are...
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    This thread might help out a little bit

    If you want to link to your fonts, the fonts need...
  7. Hmm. I am not able to reproduce.

    A possible workaround, is to create a SCSS resource for the theme (add 'scss' in config tab). Then set the scss resource to load 'beforeFramework'. Then add

  8. Hey,

    Looks like the issue is:

    D:\wamp\www\artaban\laravel\public\reserva\build\temp\production\Artaban\sass --force --trace
    error Artaban-all.scss (Line 21 of...
  9. Might be a compass config issue, however that is typically provided by the framework. A simple workaround is to just avoid using the font-files helper function, and type out the @font-face rule.
  10. At this point the name cannot be changed if you're using it with Architect. You could copy the package, then do your search/replace, if you want to use it outside Architect.
  11. No, not at this point. We're considering it for the future.
  12. Are you getting any errors in the "Log" or the "Output" tabs in Architect?
  13. do you get an error message when trying to login?
  14. Not too familiar with the area myself (so I won't be of much help), but you there should be integration hooks in Cmd for adding your own scripts. See...
  15. You can add a CSS resource to your project and add any additional CSS as you want. If you're using custom themes, you can also add SCSS resources under the custom themes that will get compiled into...
  16. afaik, you're doing everything right in Architect. This might be a potential framework bug.
  17. Yeah, I am not sure to be honest. You could probably get more feedback about that on the Framework section of the forum. Perhaps there are still some rendering quirks on the newer IE version as well.
  18. Normal preview won't work in IE, since the themes need to be sliced (e.g you need to run a Build). Here is a classic theme with pink tabs rendering in IE6.

  19. Thanks, I was able to reproduce. We have a fix for this that will go out in a future Architect release, but will not make it into the forthcoming minor patch.
  20. Thanks for reporting!

    1) Can you be more specific on the UI not applying. If I create a UI for a button, it will look "plain" until the compile finished and then take on the newly created UI...
  21. This is by design to keep it simpler since we auto-generate those files. But you bring up a good point, and I see that we have an issue if you create an UI for component that you don't export as then...
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    Sorry you're running into issues. Once you have opened and upgrade the projects, try going to "Edit->Project Setting->Disable Build Tools->Save" once saved, re-enable build tools. Does that fix the...
  23. Sorry you're running into issues!

    I tried to reproduce it myself and I think I found the reason. It seems to happen when the instances in the inspector are "unloaded" e.g. they have the little...
  24. Here is a list of the icons from the theme source files, where icons are mapped to letters (since icons are embedded as a font)

    @if ($name == "anchor") { @return "a"; }
    @else if ($name ==...
  25. I don't think battery_full is an valid icon?
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