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  1. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.4.1
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:

    Sencha Native
    Device and OS tested against:

  2. This looks like a bug with cordova:
  3. I did try my app using the weinre debugger and the same thing was happening. Could the same problem be happening with weinre as well?
  4. I was debugging my Sencha/Cordova application on my device and was using GapDebug for for debugging. When I looked at my index.html I noticed that it was creating about a hundred iframes:
  5. Hi worthlutz, did you ever figure out what the difference was between the two?
  6. Easiest thing would be to not autoload the store while in Sencha Architect.

    Architect Build tested:

    Build: 678
    Project Type:

    Touch 2.1.x
  8. You can also try to use indexeddb, however at the moment it is not supported by many mobile or desktop browsers while websql is.

    Here is a pretty good article on the differences between them:...
  9. It looks like the listView is getting created when you hit the button in your navView and destroyed every time you hit the back button, which must be causing problems for the selector in your...
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    Here is a screen shot of where you can set it in the Library config.
  11. I am not sure if you have checked out the docs for command but I will post the links here just in case.!/guide/command
  12. If you are trying to take the app offline using Sencha check out this tutorial:

    Basically you have to create a localstorage proxy...
  13. Here ya go
  14. Have you tried using the summaryRender property?

    It would look something like this:

    summaryRenderer: function(val, params, data) {

    var year= '12';
    var months= '6';
  15. Hiya Victor are you making a Sencha Touch project or an ExtJS one?
  16. Sencha Touch and Extjs do not currently support WebSql. However you can program WebSql with them side by side.

    Check out this thread for more details on touch:...
  17. Did you use sencha command or a third party framework (such as phonegap) to package the app?
  18. Do you have the example loaded in an Architect project?
  19. You would have to implement it yourself. Take a look at the source code for and you should be good to go!
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    Hiya Art did that fix the problem?
  21. Hiya Marco, were you able to get this working?
  22. Here ya go:
  23. The startupImage property is only used when an app is bookmarked to the home screen on an iOS device through a website(docs here). It does not set the startup image if you are packaging the app using...
  24. It looks like there are many more developers in the US so that would be your best bet finding a dev if you can't find one where you are at. You could also try other job sites such as...
  25. Thanks for reporting! A bug report has been filed will be fixed in a future build.
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