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  1. Hi! I just update my iphone for ios 6 and now I notice that when the keyboard shows up my app totally freeze!

    I did not change anything, just update to ios 6. My app is running with sencha touch...
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    I agree Ed and you were clear when you said that on the Preview Release. I was trying to do it anyway ;-)

    But as a feedback I have to say to you that I think we are going to need a very clear...
  3. I would like to create a different lookandfeel for the dataview because I am going to use it like a shopwindow... and the
    tpl property was everything that I need right now... and it is not...
  4. there are some problema, I think, with the Ext.define

    when I instantiate the classes it works but if I try to define and then use it later, nothing happen...
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    Tks James for this alerts!

    James, what happen with the tpl attribute? I am trying to set but it doesn't work at all...

    I need to change the whole body of the DataView, but I could not set the...
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    I was trying to find out that too...

    DataView events are lost in space :-)
  7. got it!
    tks a lot! it is more clear now :-)

    it would be nice to have this kind of tip in the future docs ;-)
  8. I know the difference but I would like to know when I should one instead of the other.

    As I sad the examples use differents approachs about this. Sometimes it defines a new store and use it...
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    I need to write a new tpl for dataview but not the itemTpl.

    But just defining the tpl property as the v1 seems to not work.

    Any ideas?
  10. I am trying to understand when I should define a component and when I should create it on the fly.

    Stores are good example. When I define a store and try to use it later, it does not work.
    So, if...
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    if you are going to start a new application, starts with version two, but wait until a stable version to go to production ...
    and for you developer team, do not expect they are going to start...
  12. I am spending one week to do what I usually do in one day... and I still cannot get a DataView working...

    MVC is very nice and I like it very much, but it looks very complicated comparing with...
  13. is there a plan to make it work with sencha touch 2.0?

    I am only waiting this to migrate all the app to the new version (new version is awsome!)
  14. some workaround for this gap when using keyboard?
  15. I would like to see some workaround until the next version... :-(
  16. ok, next version... so what should I do to get this working right now? someone has a fix?

  17. great thread! the post and the answers helped me to understand some points. I agree about the confusion between stores and model, but after some time of developement I started to use model and stores...
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    thanks a lot for this thread! very helpful!
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    tks Animal and Wedgie!
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    very good plugin!
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    are you going to distribute this component? is that free? is there a url to see? tks a lot!
  22. I have the same problem and i cant figure out the solution. tks!
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    how can I validate all cells in the grideditor?
  24. that is perfect man! I wish to have that war file with extjs 3.0. That is great! You made a fantastic job! Tks a lot!
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