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    Support for Configuration


    does anybody have a configured notes database for version 4 like the one, which could be downloaded with the version 3 (extnd_b4.nsf) ? And could send by mail ?

    Or a short help, how to...
  2. Litte Hack to always show the search field


    i had the same problem. If you are waiting for response of Jack, here's a little hack.

    Edit the domino.css stylesheet in the extnd database.
    Modifiy the following entry

    /* TODO -...
  3. Support of computed labels and actions with submenu's

    Hello Jack,

    nice to hear this.

    i've done an update for actions with submenu's and computed labels. These properties were not shown correct.
    So when a label has computed text, the evaluation...
  4. Hide/When Formula in actions in uiview - Solution and Integration - How to do


    i've been searching for a long time for a solution, now i've done it by myself.

    I'am using the latest beta, which does not support Hide/When Formulas in view actions.

    With some code...
  5. hide/when in uiviews

    Thanks for the tip with the xsl.
    If my rookie experiences will be enough to create a solution, i'll post it here.

  6. HTTPHeader not working in hide/when


    the problem ist following.

    When you get the title of an outlineentry computed -> @GetHTTPHeader works.
    When you try to hide the title with the same @GetHTTPHeader formula -> the formula...
  7. Hide/When - uiview - is there a patch available

    Hello all,

    we are about migrating our products to the web with extnd beta4.
    nearly all works fine, but some essential things don't work.

    1. Hide/When Formulas in view action bars
    this does...
  8. Poll: Of Course

    I've use extnd on V3 and we plan to migrate all of our solutions, if extnd will be supported on further versions
    of ext.


    Hello Jim,

    thank's a lot. Exactly what i want (i style the combo now by myself)

    One Problem less

    A nice weekend

  10. Combo optionsbox (multiselect) does not show columns correct


    a combo of type option with 6 optionvalues is defined in notes.

    I specify in the notes properties to show 6 columns.

    After rendering the combo always shows instead 6 rows (whatever...
  11. combobox and multiselect meanwhile available ?


    maybe i've not yet discovered this functionality, thus my question.

    In extnd-all-debug.js i can find some todo's

    // private
    convertToMultiSelect : function(el, forceSelection) {...
  12. Solved (quick&dirty bypass).


    sorry for the delay.

    As you described in the code -> TODO (will \r work ....) -> works not for firefox.

    Below quick and dirty solution.

    Bye the way,
    absolut nice solution.
  13. return not in function (with Actions created from document) and wrong iconreference


    with the parameter

    this.uidoc = new Ext.nd.UIDocument({
    standardSubmit : false,
    createActionsFrom : 'document',

    firefox gives me...
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