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  1. Parent container to listen for resize events

    is there a way to allow the parent container to dynamically listen for resize events that may occur in one of its child widgets?

    currently i created my own layout container that can take "n"...
  2. Adding MenuItems to the Column Headers

    Is there a way to add additional column MenuItems to the context menu of each column header?
  3. ahh, didn't see the CheckboxSelectionModel. ...

    ahh, didn't see the CheckboxSelectionModel. thanks
  4. How to listen for CheckBoxCell value changes

    Using the CellGridExample example you have on your sample site, if I changed one of the cells to a CheckBoxCell, how do I listen for value changes and how to I tie that into the SelectionModel for...
  5. trying to understand lastParent variable in FieldCell

    Hi, I'm diving into the Sencha code trying to understand the ComboBoxCell. I came across the lastParent variable thats declared in the FieldCell. Can someone from Sencha explain its use and whats...
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    nevermind... thats basically "EQUALS" not date...

    nevermind... thats basically "EQUALS" not date range, so whats the point.
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    DateField MaxValue and MinValue

    I'm trying to enforce a date range logic on two DateFields. the OnValueChange event for each, sets the min and max values the DateField can have. Simply put, DateField FROM's onValueChange event...
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