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  1. Figured it out. I can override the specific...

    Figured it out. I can override the specific sections in the app.json file.
  2. Using different index files in dev and production

    I use a JSP page as the entry point for my application in production but I would still like to use the index.html during development. Is there any way to do this?

    I'm using ExtJS 5.0.x

  3. 5.0 VBox and HBox layout do not layout correctly if dimensions specified only in CSS

    I have been facing an issue where the VBox layout does not position the div's correctly unless the height is explicitly specified in the config (as opposed to CSS). I prefer to use CSS for all...
  4. [CLOSED] this happens on Ext5.0 as well

    The solution proposed in the link in the original message still works as well.
  5. [CLOSED] Yes it is. Here's the link - I thought I edited...

    Yes it is. Here's the link - I thought I edited the post to include it but looks like I did not. In any case here it is...
  6. Performance notes

    I updated the fiddle to include the solution I used for selectAll and deselectAll. There is a third thing which is likely causing your performance issue. I'm not sure if you're using the...
  7. [CLOSED] Fiddle for reproducing

    I realize this issue is closed but I completely missed this request for a fiddle. Here's a link to the fiddle I created to show the problem

    I'm writing a...
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    Grid performance

    In addition to all the comments above here are a few of my findings:

    Use Ext.suspendLayouts and Ext.resumeLayouts whenever doing multiselect operations on the grid or inserting/deleting multiple...
  9. Thanks Gary. I used 5000 as an example (because...

    Thanks Gary. I used 5000 as an example (because it was the situation I was dealing with) but the problem can be quite severe even for smaller number of rows. For example (and you can play around...
  10. ExtJS 4.2 grid checkbox selection model performance is poor

    We have a situation where we have a grid using a checkbox selection model that does not perform well especially when the model does not have an idProperty (which was true in our case). The...
  11. [CLOSED] Comment on the developer's comment

    I don't agree with the comment posted by the developer but I have added my own notes to this post in the hope that it will be useful for someone who encounters the same problem as I did. It's...
  12. [CLOSED] Workaround for the problem

    This workaround is a pretty simple way to get around the problem of not polluting application specific classes with the NodeInterface decoration and therefore not impact performance.

    Assuming the...
  13. [CLOSED] NodeInterface design

    I think changing the definition of a class that is meant to be reusable is bad design. I certainly understand the working as designed comment but that doesn't make it a good design decision.
  14. [CLOSED] NodeInterface should decorate instance not class when a root is specified in a tree

    When a root node is explicitly configured in a tree panel which uses an externally specified model (as opposed to the implicit one), the model CLASS gets decorated by the methods of the NodeInterface...
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    Licensing question

    If I have a commercial license for Ext4.x can I use this component or is this a separate license?
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    [CLOSED] I do not use the config feature and do not call...

    I do not use the config feature and do not call initConfig and everything works fine. We manually create accessor and mutator methods for all our variables. That has seemed to work the best. The...
  17. SDK 2.0 beta tools on Win7 64 bit not working - can't find 1.0 version of SDK

    I noticed in other threads that other people are having issues getting the 2.0 beta tools to work with Win 64 bit and that they had better luck with the 1.0 version of the SDK. I am unable to find...
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    [CLOSED] initConfig problem

    Not calling initConfig made the problem go away for me. I do think it's a bug but I put my initialization stuff in initComponent and it seems to all work fine. If you have to call initConfig, I...
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    [CLOSED] Problem solved

    Thanks a lot for your response. Indeed commenting out the initConfig line did indeed make the problem go away. We took the ExtJS4Up training class and the instructor said that those two lines must...
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    [CLOSED] Sample class

    A subclass that is the same class as the parent is sufficient to trigger this error. Nothing fancy being done here. I'm editing my actual class implementation to provide the simplest test case...
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    [CLOSED] Unable to subclass and use panels

    When I subclass a panel and specify a title attribute I get an error (seen in Firebug). Removing the title attribute works. I had to create a new attribute called heading to work around this issue....
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