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    Same problem. Android, Phonegap.
  2. Cludgy hack'.x-field-select .x-field-mask').on('tap', function(el) {
    // A select was tapped (focussed)
  3. Alert modal not changing size to fit content


    Ext.Msg.alert is not adjust height to fit content.

    HTC Evo, Android 2.2, Sencha Touch 1.1, Phonegap 0.9.4.

    This only happens after Ext.Msg.alert has already been called with...
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    Input form also shows through alert message modal


    Here is another one.

    A focussed input field shows through alert modal.
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    Android Form Problem

    First off, thanks Sencha Touch for 1.1 and specifically working on form input issues.

    I still have a pretty big problem though.

    When I focus a text input and then focus (or tap) a select input,...
  6. What I did

    Yeah, my problem was with a text field in a prompt dialog, which was being launched from and displayed over a carousel.

    I ended up using an action sheet instead and it works fine.

    I haven't...
  7. I have the same issue

    I see this on prompt dialogs in Android 2.2 HTC evo.

    Any solution?
  8. Any solution?

    I've got the same problem. Any solution? It's particularly bad on prompt overlays. Android 2.2 on HTC evo.
  9. Same question

    I find there are several possible property values missing from documentation. I'd like to know what values I can use for things like iconCls, xtype, etc.

    Has anyone found a more complete way of...
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