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  1. Bring Ext application Browser Window in front of other windows

    I am trying to make a chat application which checks for messages every few seconds. When this application is running but not in focus (like when we have opened other tabs in FF or browsing...
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    :D Thanks Animal, IT SOLVED THE PROBLEM.

    :D Thanks Animal, IT SOLVED THE PROBLEM.
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    how to keep row expanded on store reload?? using rowExpander plugin

    I am using rowExpander plugin as given in ExtJs examples folder. It is working nicely, but on store reload, all rows become collapsed though some were in expanded state before refresh. how can I keep...
  4. hi toaotc, Thanks very much for your answer. It...

    hi toaotc, Thanks very much for your answer. It has solved display problem in Safari.
    You are right that IE doesn't support this, it is causing scrolling problems. But I think some browser...
  5. please help

    has anyone seen this kind of problem. Any Suggestions???
  6. tabs hide under a bar when resizing east panel in Safari

    hi, i'm having a problem with the tab panel in East region in Complex Layout. when many tabs are added to tabpanel and enableTabScroll: true, when we resize the panel, some tabs appear as hidden...
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