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  1. [FIXED] found a workaround

    BarSeries should override setLabelText. In the meantime, here's my workaround (the difference is the call to getStoreIndex):

    public class MyOtherBarSeries<M> extends BarSeries<M>
  2. [FIXED] BarSeries.drawLabels() doesn't account for multiple yFields, throws NPEs

    I have a BarSeries with 2 yFields and a labelConfig. My store has 9 items, so with two yFields that means there are 18 rects drawn. BarSeries.calculatePaths() has logic that alternates between the...
  3. [FIXED] Horizontal axis labels not positioned correctly in column chart

    The horizontal axis labels in the column renderer chart example aren't positioned correctly. In my own code I've tried all the TextAnchor options and they all look wrong. I poked around in...
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