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    maybe I missed something or overread it but I don't find a way to use the bootstrap.js properly.

    My directory structure is like this:

  2. sorry that i did not answer earlier.

    i tried that. "add", "added" and all similar events but not a single one work.

    it kind of a very small issue but i think the problem is deep in extjs. the...
  3. Minimum the the self-defined drop event but I tried that and it does not work.
    Maybe I can use an event of the columns the is fired when a component is added.

    I will try that tomorrow (from...
  4. I tried that but every position I put it, it does not solve the problem. Where would you put it?
  5. mmh on my side it works.
    it only take same time because of ext-debug.js usage and the deferred loading of the ext class files.

    please try again end let me know
  6. Hi,
    maybe some of you know the Portal Layout by Loiane:
    I like that and try to use it in my application but I don't want the portlets...
  7. sure i can (sorry i forgot^^)

    i use ext 4.0.7

    'Neue Mailing Liste',
    'Bitte geben Sie den Namen der neuen Mailing Liste ein:',
    function(btn, text) { .... }
  8. Hi,
    i have a strange problem:
    I use Ext.Msg.prompt windows in my application to get information from the user.
    this works perfectly in chrome and firefox but when i get to IE it's working but its...
  9. Thats not a question :)
    That sounds like you want others to do you work, so you dont have to read through the docs...

    Open a window. That window contains a formpanel.
    then you can load the...
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    If your image-panel is maximized (so it fills the full right side of the window), you maybe go better by adding "margin:auto" to the image.
  11. hi,
    at first thanks for your answer.
    But if you look at the example:!/example/writer/writer.html
    it seems like the record is updated after the "created"...
  12. Hi,
    as described in the title, I try to make a grid with roweditor work.
    Problem on my side is, that a can write to the database and everything works finde on that side. but on the extjs side, the...
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    sry i did not get the edit of aacoro.

    i though as you, that there are no filters but the filters are not in the column headers anymore. now they are in the drop down where you also can hide...
  14. Hi,
    as i found here:
    and here:
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    The config is "selModel". You have To Paste an object with "Type: 'rowselection'" i think. Or similar To that. This should be described in The doc of selmodel config Option.
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    You have To add a selection Model like rowselectionmodel.

    SRY im from mobile Dev so i cant Post examples.
  17. i dont like overrides so may the following also works:

    grid.on('sortchange', function() {

    maybe you have to adjust the...
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    this is no more
  19. after triing around i found out that the reason for the problem described above was, that my store set "phantom=true" for every record. that intended that every record was marked as "new".

    but now...
  20. Hi,
    I have the following store:

    Ext.define('OverviewStore', {
    extend: '',
    model: 'OverviewModel',
    storeId: 'OverviewStore',

    pageSize: 200,
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    Edit: sry for wrong title...

    How can i get the filter fields directly shown in the header of the columns?
    i want something like a live filter..

    and where can i download it? 4.0.2a does not...
  22. I used nearly every gpl version of extjs since i found it and i never saw an issue like this.

    at you position i would try another version. maybe this fixes it.

    i also use fiddler for debugging...
  23. referring to!/api/Ext.panel.Tool!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-cfg-placeholder

    it seems like you are not allowed to use toolbar....
  24. if i understand you right, you are using it "correctly" but it is not possible as far as i know, to use toolbars as vertical placeholders.
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    i think you find everything you need in the api docs:
    there are the full code doc, examples, videos and guide.

    for me it was enough. maybe it helps you a bit.
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