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  1. Follow to Sencha Market, I see the license is MIT, but read document about ST, it said TouchTreeGrid is commercial product.
  2. Why you set position: absolute in your html each carousel, I think it will affect to sencha core where its components had been set position property already.For me, you should try to remove them. or...
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    sorry guys, I have some following recommendation:
    1. I think I prefer Sencha CMD to Grunt. Because when I use Grunt, it will automatically integrate many free libraries. I don't like these, they...
  4. Insert this code in config of xtype:dataview, below store:'FriendsList'

    listeners: {
    itemsingletap: function (list, idx, target, record, evt) {
  5. Do you use Ext.List or dataview to show that store. Listen event: itemsingletap from it in controller file.
  6. What exact purpose do you want? What did you have? I only see you explain what you did
  7. There are many ways and depend on what you want. Your example is also good. If you want to create a page and push to it, you can try Navigation View, see it in Sencha Touch Docs. Navigation view has...
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    How do you access app through by your iPhone?I guest you create a web server by something likes XAMPP, and connect you app in computer from iPhone by internet. So internet can cause running app...
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    If you use navigation view, you have also a back button which be auto created and if click it, it will automatically return back to previous page.
    You can push anything you want to navigation...
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    Hi, you set global variable, but how to know when it changes.

    When autoLoad: true, it will automatically load when access to page which uses that store. I think store NewStat maybe got...
  11. I think it is infringement copyright of Apple, similar to input type="file". In Android, you can choose any file types you want, but in iOS, Apple doesn't allow that. You only can choose photos and...
  12. Could you console.log wrapElement or childNodes[index] to see if it is null
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    What show double vision, I add an item named demo, it's only show 1 item to list named demo, do you mean model1List show two items having same name?
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    Because sencha is a kind of tea, I think so haha
  15. Hi use ajax request when you use same domains, I saw 55.118.117 * is different to, so you can you JSONP request insteads of, or try enable CORS (on google or in forum)
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    Yes, because fullscreen: true with heigth: 285 are conflict together, you should choose only one.
    You can set layout: fit instead of fullscreen: true or specific height.
    Note that: shouldn't need...
  17. Hey, I have ever faced a similar problem, it is not bug of sencha, it it problem in HTML and CSS.

    Consider that we have a div. If we want to show it, it has to inherit available height from its...
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    Hi Eliyahu, if you use navigationview type, you can use method push or pop a page into it.

    For example, in your controller file,

    onTapBtn1: function(){

    var page =...
  19. Hi everyone, until now I still consider the reason why ST2 uses SASS and doesn't use other CSS types e.g core CSS, Stylus,.. Sass produce CSS code better or worse than the others, doesn't it? Or...
  20. You can see!/example/kitchen-sink example in document :) User interface -> form
  21. Hi everyone. I have a store with model {name: string, lat: string, log: string, distance: float}.
    I want to calculate distance between my location and an item in store, then update field 'distance'...
  22. I 've never heard it before. Thank you, I will try your solution:)
  23. Thank you very much! I have done building apk file. But I have a problem about url.
    In my ST app, I loaded store from a json file. So I create a folder named data same directory as app,...
  24. I have used command: sencha app build native, then my folder has two sub-folder native and package.
    I want to ask how to create APK files. I tried to follow document many times, but not succesfull....
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    What you catch tap event of links for?
    you use
    control: {
    friendList: { tap: 'startChat' } }
    so you should create startChat function instead of...
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