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  1. Has this bug already been fixed?
    It looks like I still get the same issue with ST 2.3.1.
  2. Well I still have a problem though.
    I actually want to override 'Ext.event.recognizer.LongPress'.

    Ext.define('App.MyLongPress', {
    override: 'Ext.event.recognizer.LongPress',
  3. Does this also mean that it's impossible to override a class once the application is launched?
    It looks like it works on debug mode.
    It also looks like it was possible with previous versions of...
  4. Should this be reported as a bug?
  5. Putting it within Ext.application::launch method.

    Here is what my app.js file look like.
    As already said, the application is freshly generated using Sencha Cmd. Nothing but app.js has been...
  6. Hi,

    I just generated a new ST 2.3.1 app.
    I'm using Sencha Cmd on Linux 32bits.

    The application builds correctly if I don't change anything.

    However, if I add the following code in...
  7. Does the following message mean that the "Element not in DOM" bug has been fixed? Or does it mean that the bug described here has been mark as invalid?

    Thanks a lot anyway.

    Ext version tested:
    Sencha Touch 2.1.1 GPL

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chromium 25 (Ubuntu)

    DOCTYPE tested against:
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    I get the same problem.

    Here's a simple way to reproduce the bug:

    var frame = document.createElement('iframe');'load', function() {alert('loaded');});

    You should get an...
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    Searching for "statusbar" gives results though StatusBar has been removed in Ext3.x.
  11. Hi all,

    It seems like the validation fails when one implements a DateField with equal values for "value" and "minValue".
    The validator complains and says :
    "The date in this field must be equal...
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    It seems like there has something to do with the deferRowRender property at the gridPanel level.
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    First, thanks to share this code.

    This looks to work well in your example but fails if I'm using Ext 2.2.

    I'll dig into it, and hope, I can get it working.
  14. This sounds really clear now. Thank you.

    I'm now waiting for somebody who can give hints to find a workaround.
  15. Sorry to insist, but what about tabpanels ?
    We see their header, right ? So they have to be rendered. However we can defer the body rendering.
    Maybe the tabs (you click on to switch between panels)...
  16. I think I need more explanation on that one.
    What's the difference between cards (and by inheritance tabs) and accordions ?

    I don't really understand why we have to see all the items.
    In my...
  17. Hi all,

    Yet another thread about this.

    I think it has already been discussed in several thread including the following ones :
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    What I would like to do is to show an image as header for a column in a grid. I know that I can put whatever I want in the header property in my columnModel, even HTML tags (<img />) in my...
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    Here is how I got this working in a prettier way. Well I think so.

    In the container panel :

    listeners: {
    afterlayout: {
  20. No it doesn't.
    No "move" event seems to be triggered when the window is dragged.
  21. Hello,

    I have a panel which is an item of a window. I would like to register a listener for the "move" event at the panel level.
    Any suggestion ?

    Using something like...
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    Did you try asking to the mapfish dev team ?
  23. Using a function worked well for me, thanks.
  24. Hello all,

    As well described in the FAQ [1], we are adviced not to have dynamic parameters embed in a HTTPProxy url. But I'm feeling stuck because I can't use simple params.
    I have an application...
  25. I don't know if it has already been discussed here but I think it would be helpful if we add a selectAll() method to the MultiSelect form field.

    Here's a snippet of code that does the job :

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