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  1. Support has told me it has been fixed in ST 2.2. Problem is that 2.2 is a beta release and I need this for a site that is about to go to production. Would have thought bug fixes are made to...

    Sencha Touch version tested:

    ST 2.1 rev 20130325
    Browser versions tested against:

    All supported browsers
  3. The exact same behaviour is happening in ST 2.1.1. Orientation is reversed... When will this be fixed?
  4. I'm getting the same error. The weird thing is the views/components being destroyed aren't of dataview type, they are just Ext.List?

    Exact same code base was fine prior to updating to 2.0.3
  5. Ever get a solution to this? I to would like to fire the redraw event grammatically.
  6. Replies
    I'm using the sencha touch 2 update to this plugin and it seems to only detect the swipe on the actial tab toolbar and not the content. Is this the correct behaviour?

    Sencha Touch 2 update:...
  7. I installed Sencha 2 Architect and am unable to get past the software registration screen. I'm behind a proxy and have manually entered the correct details. I know they are correct because installing...
  8. I downloaded and installed Sencha Architect 2 yesterday and have the same issue. My proxy settings work for other IDE's like Titanium but simply does not do anything for SA2.
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