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  1. Ok found the solution...

    The root is an AsyncTreeNode as follows

    root: new Ext.tree.AsyncTreeNode({
  2. Same problem here..

    The API docs don't show a 'reload' function for the ColumnTree or it's loader.

    I tried a few things without success like:

    var urlToLoad = '/admin/get-info.php?cname='...
  3. Hi David,

    This is a really nice loader, well done on an excellent job.

    You're right about the loader not displaying incremental updates on larger files so a bundle of smaller files is needed...
  4. Replies
    *Solution below..

    The problem:
    Many grids with their own stores each make a call to the server but I want only one call, use filters and a paging toolbar.

    First, I load one main big...
  5. Attached is a screenshot of the problem.
  6. If you use a TabPanel as an item inside a GroupTabPanel the child TabPanel's tabs are on top of one another.

    Here is my example code:

    xtype: 'grouptabpanel',
  7. I found the solution:

    Comment out this dang thing:

    Ext.state.Manager.setProvider(new Ext.state.CookieProvider());

  8. Also same result with this code:

    items: [
    new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
  9. This gives the same result:

    items: [
    xtype: 'treepanel',
    id: 'my-tree',
    region: 'center',
  10. Hi there,

    I am unable to get the TreeLoader example working in ext-3.0-rc1.1
    Firebug shows the data url is being called and the JSON data being returned but the child nodes are not being...
  11. Hey that works!
    Thank you, I spent just under 6 hours on this one without a solution..

    Im a happy guy now\:D/
  12. I've also tried:

    with and without

    No change.
  13. This issue also exists in gxt 1.2.3.
    I downloaded 1.2.3, did a clean-all in Eclipse, replaced the jar file, did a new build, same results.
  14. It seems that when I populate the contents of an Accordion panel they are not displayed until I do a window resize.

    I load a set of categories from a database and create a Panel for each of...
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