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  1. Exactly! if the bugs are getting fixed on time, then its a decent return on investment in getting a support subscription. Instead, bugs go unfixed for years. And STOP adding new features in minor...
  2. @mitchell

    I understand that support subscriptions vs commercial license differences have been discussed at length in the past, and while I don't agree with Sencha's position, I don't see anything...
  3. Another example of a developer describing what goes wrong in the ExtJS "bugfix" releases:

    Instances like these are the reasons why all...
  4. The day I get to clean out my overrides, I will raise a toast with my colleagues. I have submitted bugs reports which are outstanding for more than an year (check my forum posts). I understand that...
  5. Personally, I'm a little frustrated with the Sencha release cycle. I've started treating the stable releases as beta. I've tried to keep up with latest versions because it becomes a pain to upgrade...
  6. Seems like something easy to fix, thought it would be patched in 4.1. Is this issue getting addressed in 4.1.1?
  7. Any chance a fix can come in 4.1.1?
  8. bump
  9. A little investigation revealed that it happens when tooltip is in a modal window. Run the example below and type something in the text box, then hover mouse over checkbox which shows the tooltip....
  10. This bug is identical to the button edges bug submitted here:

    The same applies to tooltip edges as well. Its...
  11. Test case in post below

    If a text field has focus and a tooltip is shown (anywhere in the application). When the tootip is hidden (either by using hide() or if the tooltip display timeout...
  12. Button edges seem broken in IE8. Image on left is from IE8, right one from Firefox 10
  13. Correct, Sencha forums have several issues with Firefox. The firebug console starts spitting out errors as soon as I try to edit / create / attach items to / preview posts.

    I use Firefox 3.6 which...
  14. Although everyone have their own definition of standards, all components written in our applications use ext-dev.js and every error is fixed. Though we don't care about MVC, we strictly follow the...
  15. All my applications are broken in 4.1 beta. Even the most basic components which touched tooltips, layouts or forms don't work anymore. If this is the preview of the things to come, I'm afraid the...
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    IconCombo extension for ExtJS 4.1 beta 1:


    initComponent:function() {
  17. Fields in ExtJS 4.1 Beta 1 are rendered inside <table> tags. A padding attribute in a field config:

    xtype: 'checkbox',
    padding: '0 0 0 80'
    does not work, as it gets applied on the...
  18. ComboBox DOM has significantly changed in ExtJS 4.1b1. The new ComboBox DOM is a based on TABLE elements while the earlier ComboBox DOM in 4.0.7 was based on DIV elements. Using TABLE instead of DIV...
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    Thanks for the update, and hopefully my attempt at an unoriginal comic strip did not annoy you. Most of it was inspired from a redbull influenced state :)
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  21. The original post has screenshot embedded from an external url. If you're unable to see it for some reason, I've also added it as an attachment in the first post
  22. LoginDialog extension updated to v1.1:

    Change Log:
  23. I'm not able to edit my posts in advanced mode. The "Go Advanced" button throws the following error in IE, Firefox and Chrome:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE...
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    If a KeyMap is required only on the Component el, then the getKeyMap() function (which exists for almost every widget) can be used in a simple override:

    Ext.override(Ext.Component, {
  25. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q. How do I customize / replace the language combo with another field?
    A: Language combo is completely customizable, eg. to replace it with a theme combo, the...
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