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  1. It looks like it may be possible to ease the SASS -> LESS conversion using SCSS as a bridge (see. :

    II am having a hard time...
  2. You should check out the work from Joe Hewitt :
    Performance was great as I remember (just head to
    You just have to implement...
  3. Since going back to ST1 is not an option for me... I found the latest 2.0.3 to be really smooth on an iPhone4S/5, good enough on 3GS/4 (2G/3G are now deprecated since you can't build against armv6...
  4. Has anyone of you tried the latest 2.1.0-rc to see if things were improved with this release. I'm not sure whether I should retry the 2.1-branch or wait.
  5. Replies
    That's the main issue that made me rollback to 2.0.3, I do confirm this issue. You should create a bug.
  6. I did not find theses config in the Ext.dataview.List api docs, do they still apply?
  7. There is a new cmdv3 beta 181 out there :

    My former issue was related to the use of dynamic vars in...
  8. This was caused by the use of dynamic var in the define.

    Ext.define(myVar.myNamespace + ".model.User")
  9. Looks like 181 added new debug info vs. 141, still won't compile correctly, i get :

    [DEBUG] Adding implicit dependency on for Ext.viewport.Viewport to file...
  10. Thanks for the tip :

    [DEBUG] Adding implicit dependency on for Beelink.model.User to file /Users/olivier/Dropbox/Sites/beelink/mobile/sencha/Beelink/app.js
    [DEBUG] ...
  11. Damn, this is so disappointing... This was the one thing that should have been done right in ST2.0, the one and only thing that really matters in the html vs. native... I just can't start to...
  12. I'm still stuck on this issue even with the rev141 of Sencha Commands :

    [ERROR] Exception running app build : JavaException: com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException: null...
  13. Same issue here, custom plugin loading is broken.
    I renamed all my extensions classes only to find out that this can't be fixed.
    Even using my custom namespace with no specific loader, the build...
  14. It was used as a mixin twice in some classes :

    mixins: ['Ext.ux.form.Editable'],

    I did not add it also in requires: [] because it worked (& would be strange to have it twice).
    Anyway I tried...
  15. Exactly, at first I wanted to reuse some classes over several apps. But I understand it is almost useless. So I reverted it in all my app.

    However the UX loading bug is currently blocking me, so...
  16. I'm having issues with the use of global variables to set a dynamic class name :

    Ext.define(app.ns + '.model.User' ...

    is failing.

    Also it fails to load extension files :
  17. I can confirm this issue, several of my users with 2.3.6 are unable to use my app (no result from Ext.Ajax so it is handled as a "No internet connection error").

    It looks like it affects HTTPS...
  18. Another strange issue :

    Using setConfig with :

    itemCls: 'card well'

    I get in the dom :

  19. Ok this is working for me, initialize() was called twice because I called List.setStore() after login.

    It was a bug in my Handlebars templates that were somehow badly compiled (probably some npm...
  20. My app has a few big bugs once updated (after spending an hour to fix the upgrade) to 2.1b3, one is that it seems that some children are initialized several times!

    I would gladly write...
  21. Thank you for trying to reproduce it, in my case I get several glitches (different in chrome & on the device itself), but I'm tweaking visibility by CSS (display:none;), it looks like you are...
  22. I have some formpanel in my app that is toggled from a read-only state to an editable state (think iOS native contact edition). When I toggle (css hidden) from a state to the other, the height of the...
  23. First app I upgraded to 2.1.0b did work well on device with iOS6(b4). I had to fix some layout issues (mainly adding "vbox" & "hbox" when the behavior wasn't the one expected). I'm using Cordova2.0...
  24. Had lost my tabbar dock center alignment, had to add this css rule :

    .x-layout-box.x-align-center.x-layout-box.x-pack-start {
    -webkit-box-pack: center;
    box-pack: center;

    to fix it.
  25. I have been playing with SenchaTouch 2 since the first developer preview. It has been a great framework to learn and a lot of fun. Today I'm happy to introduce you something I've built this past...
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