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  1. Assigning a display value to a combobox

    So I've run into a bit of an issue. I'm trying to find a way to assign a display value to a combobox. Like if someone clicks a button, I want the combobox to change what it's showing, even if...
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    thanks for the tip- I tried doing that but...

    thanks for the tip-
    I tried doing that but aOtherElemnt doesn't seem to know YourElement.

    Would it have to do with the fact that YourElement is located in a separate JS file from the 2nd...
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    sending events between tab panels

    Hi- I'm new to extjs but I've been dumped into a bit of a deep swimming pool.

    I have a tab panel and in each panel is a combobox. So if that combobox gets changed in any of the panels, it should...
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