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  1. Thanks for your reply Skirtle. I'm able to re-size the application components now. As you suggested, I made most of them as Border layout and I had to give height and width in "%" (percentage) to...
  2. Hi All,

    I've developed User Interface for an app. Overall look and feel is ok. I would like to make the components like Panels, Grids, Chart etc... re-sizable. I mean any component needs to be...
  3. I created a separate view called 'ViewTreeContextMenu' and created object of this only once to avoid memory leak and reference problems as suggested in the above posts.

    Below is the View defined....
  4. Hi All,

    As suggested in the above posts, I've created Context menu. Now Based on click of a menu item I need to take some action. How do I capture the event click of the Context Menu Item in...
  5. Hi Gary,

    Thanks a lot for your inputs.
    Got some example here

    Will continue working on it.

    Thanks a lot:)
  6. Hi All,

    I'm looking for a Text editor kind of functionality on a window in ExtJS4. Basically I would like to open a file on a window, provide find text/Search text, Edit, Save data onto same file...
  7. Hi Gary,

    I got an alternate way of providing different editors using customEditors:{ columnName: typeOfElement}

    In my view, I will add these lines to provide specific editor.
    I've a...
  8. Hi Gary,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Will continue working on it.

    Thanks & Regards
  9. Thanks you all for your response. I will implement Context Menu it in our application. Please let me know if there is anything else to be taken care while developing Context Menu.

    Thanks & Regards...
  10. Hi All,

    How to create & show Context menus on right click of mouse in ExtJS 4.2.1?

    I want to show some options to user, if they click on Tree node in a Tree Panel.
    Can someone please suggest...
  11. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm using ExtJS 4.2.1.

    In the Attribute Required propertygrid, on click of the column STD_DATA_FLAG, I open up this window when beforeedit event is fired.

  12. Hi All,

    I have a property grid and I've assigned Custom editors for each column. When I click on one of the column, it opens a window. But part of window is going behind the Grid column and it...
  13. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply :)

    Can you please tell me how can I access the specific name and then set the editor for it?

    I'm able to get the access of Column headers but not the content of...
  14. Hi All,

    I've a property Grid which has Text, Number, Combo,Form and different types of Values fields.
    I tried with a sample example by giving hard coded values and editors and its working fine.
  15. Hi All,

    I'm trying to implement a Property Grid in ExtJS4 containing different editors like Text, Number, Form, Date,ComboBox etc..

    I did it with sample example by giving some hard coded...
  16. Thanks for your sample code.. You saved my time :)

    I Implemented multiple file selection & opening and its working for that too..
    Thanks A Lot :)

    Thanks & Regards
  17. Hi All,

    I'm working on developing an App using ExtJS4.2.1. I'm opening files using xtype: 'filefield'.
    but I want to restrict file type to ".txt, .xls, .doc".. How to write a validator for this.?...
  18. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your reply. If browser already using it, can I configure some other Keys for my application.?
    For example, if 'Ctrl+O' is being used for Opening file for browser, can I use...
  19. Hi all,

    We are developing an application using ExtJS4, We have a menu bar with lot of manu options like "File", "Settings", "Help" etc.. Under each of these manu we hae buttons/menu items. for...
  20. Thanks for your reply. Yes I tried selecting multiple files and sending using form. I wanted to achieve the same just by using a button. As of now I'm adding a button on the form and then doing it.
  21. Hi,

    Thanks for the link.
    I wanted to confirm whether we can select 2 or more files when we browse. Actually in IE 8 and IE 9, we can select only 1 file at a time. IE 10 and later versions allow...
  22. Yes, I want to know when the load is completed.
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

    It helped me :)
  23. Hi All,

    I'm trying to implement a file open feature using ExtJS 4.2.
    What I observed is, in IE 8 and IE 9 I can't select Multiple files to open.

    Please let me know, whether Can we open...
  24. Hi All,

    I have a Grid and Tree. I want to execute some statements only after both of these Grid and Tree loaded. If either grid or tree is not yet loaded, i have to wait till it gets loaded and...
  25. Thanks Gary for your post.

    For me the requirement was little different as I was getting complete set of data at once and based on the Tree node click I was applying filter and then the record...
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