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  1. Hi kunalshah,

    did you have a look onto the console/ network traffic? When Ext-All needs 10 seconds to load, I guess there is more happening than the grid is slow?

  2. scottmartin,

    did you have a chance to look onto the cause of the performance issues?


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    you were certainly right, there was a lot of stuff added in 4.1.1-4.1.3 (which I currently use). I solved my issue and made it more than acceptable in terms of speed by starting bulkUpdate...
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    thanks for your fast answer.

    there is one significant thing to mention. The TreePanel is populated with 47 columns. I just removed most of them and then it behaves pretty well.
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    @jcdang: Thanks, did use it.

    I do experience a very bad performance due to the node store interaction when doing sorting. Without the node store synchronization it is moreless instantaneous...
  6. Hi Mitchell,

    do you mean value and display field config? Yes, sure I do.
    I do have *some* issues here which I guess can hardly be unified from your side:
    1. The tree certainly needs unique ids...
  7. Guys,

    the treepicker component (Ext.ux.TreePicker) simply does not consider the displayField and valueField config settings I introduced for it when starting edit with help of the cell editor...
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    I've experienced the same issue and fixed it like this:

    Ext.define('Sample.grid.tree.View', {
    extend: 'Ext.tree.View',
    alias: 'widget.samplegridtreeview',
  9. Hi mitch,

    no I didn't try due to the disable method cannot be successful while initiating the rendering process. This was also my first thought but looking at the sources mean that this cannot...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1

    Browser versions tested against:

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    Hi guys,

    I tested the lockable tree with the 4.1.1 and it didn't work unfortunately.
    One issue was easily fixed:

    updateSpacer: function () {
    var lockedView =...
  12. guys,

    the problem with the height of the editor is, that the CellEditing plugin creates a new instance of Ext.grid.CellEditor where from the outside it is not possible to add config information...
  13. The point with the CSS above is that is works perfectly for the cells, but it doesnt for the editor that is placed within the cells when trying to change the value of the cell. The editor does not...
  14. Guys,

    I have a treepanel where I change the visualization with CSS. The cells are larger in height and width.
    Looks like this:

    .project-grid-column-default div {
    margin: 1px 1px 1px 1px;...
  15. Scott,

    this is exactly what I need, many thanks!

    I tried to do the same just with two TreeGrid side by side using the same store. Only issues are key navigation and scrolling, but this fits...
  16. Hi guys,

    I didn't see any possibility to fix the treecolumn in the treegrid (so it stays visible when there are too many columns and the user scrolls to see the not visible columns). Is that a...
  17. I expected that it is done on purpose and it does make sense to avoid this on newer browsers as it is surely cleaner. Have you any samples or documentation where the differences are?
    ExtJs is not...
  18. Guys,

    I experienced that the markup that is created for IE 7 and 8 is completely different from the markup for Chrome, Firefox and IE9. Here is what I am trying to accomplish and how, and hope you...
  19. Guys,

    when using the treegrid in 4.1 and trying to start editing a cell with the Enter key the following error comes up:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getAt'

  20. Ageris,

    I did have the same issue and came around with it by setting the hidden property to true.

    Ext.Component has a method called "hide" that actually looks like this:

  21. Hi Mitchell,

    love to hear that. That means the config options and a lot of other stuff is already quite similar. This is exactly the information I am looking for.

    I had a look into the...
  22. Hi guys,

    I am also evaluating how both products interact. It seems to me it is a brilliant strategy for sencha to keep these products on the same base to make development of mobile and desktop...
  23. Hi Mitchell,

    thanks for the answer. I did solve it meanwhile.
    It turned out to be more easy than I thought, thanks to query mechanism.

    This here let me have the columns of the columns headers...
  24. guys,

    I am simulating freezed panes (like in Excel) for columns and rows by having at least 3 panels: column-headers, row-headers and cells.
    I already did synchronizing for the scrolling which...
  25. Jamie,

    just had a look onto your suggestion and wondered, why I didn't came to this by myself. Sometimes it can be so obvious :-). I'll will check it in my code.

    Thanks a lot!
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