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  1. Another approach, but same story. Could there be a special reason to prefer the "name" column in my grid?

    var sm = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({singleSelect: false});
  2. Heya, community..!

    I'm encountering an unexpected problem. I have a grid with a CheckboxSelectionModel. I have a column with that model, too.. But it doesn't matter in which way I insert that...
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    Heya, community. I have a little question:

    I'm using an AJAX-request which is not triggered by the grid or the grid's store. Is it possible to use a loading mask, by activating it (and...
  4. Heya, folks. A little question again:

    I have multiple panels with a set of components.. Like this:

    xtype: "panel",
    items: [{
    xtype: "button",
    text: "foo"
  5. Thanks for your reply, sword-it. I already found a solution for my problem. (Don't know why it always works out after getting frustrated and posting here)

    For any others, that want to use canvas...
  6. Heya, folks. Another question:

    I'm using a canvas for drawing some graphics within a container. There's no Ext Component for canvas, so I'm placing my canvas by using the html property of my...
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    Okay, I tried another way with a regular Ext JS Component and it works fine. But I try to understand why it acts like this. :/
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    I have another little problem, I can't explain at the moment.

    I'm creating a custom panel by extending the Ext.Panel:

    MyPanel = function(content) {
    var initialConfig = {
  9. Thanks! I've made it like this and it looks fine. (I assigned an procentual value)

    The Custom CenterLayout didn't work completely like I wanted, until I made some changes. :)
  10. Hello! I'm trying to center fieldsets in my container. I've tried it via css (align="center") and by using layouts, but this resulted in non-rendering components.

    My use case is like this:
  11. Heya, community. Another small question.
    I have a grid with draggable rows and want to replace the cursor, if the user hovers with his cursor. Applying it to the whole grid is not a great way to...
  12. Heya! There's a little question left. I want to check for an valid drop target on each drop. If the target for the dropped node is not a valid parent node, the node is destroyed.

    I tried...
  13. Okay, a new setter for PagingMemoryProxy.js did the trick.
  14. Thanks! I was able to solve my problem yesterday. "beforenodedrop" delivers all necessary data of the dropped object and the target. Works fine, so far.
  15. Okay, there's still a little problem. Pagination works fine, but I'm unable to remove data from my grid. Or, to be exactlier, the removed data returns on page switching. It seems like it retrieves...
  16. Heya, folks. Another little question:

    I want to drag some elements, grabbed from my grid panel to add them to my tree panel. I know, I know, it won't work that easy because a selected row and a...
  17. Thanks! I was able to implement it in my application. :)
  18. I'll try. This is no regular component to Ext JS 3.4? I found an entry in the 4.1 documentation.
  19. Another little problem.. I load my data in my grid from an array (Or, exactlier, an array store) I have lots of data to deal with, so I wanted to use the Ext pagination. The data ist processed...
  20. And:

    I can't highlight the right node, but there's no problem with drag and drop.
  21. I'm working with tree panels since the beginning of the week. They work fine, as long as there aren't many nodes in it. The more elements I put into them, the buggier is their reaction to clicking,...
  22. Okay, I found a method. But is this the "right" way?

    root.findChild('id', 'child1').appendChild(new Ext.tree.TreeNode({id: 'foo', text: 'Leaf 1', allowChildren: false, allowDrag: true,...
  23. I have some problems at adding new nodes to existing nodes below the root node.

    Getting the root node of my tree panel:

    var tree = Ext.getCmp('treepanel');
    var root = ctree.getRootNode(); ...
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    To make it clearer: I've no intention and possibility in loading or processing the nodes of the tree from server. I need to build my tree from an array or object and need to add single nodes by user...
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    Hello, community.

    I'm trying to realise the example of the tree grids, but I'm not loading any external sources, right now. I wan't to load some sample data from an array like in my normal grid....
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