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  1. Hi,

    I've an editing and groupsummary grid.
    When I load the grid value and sum of value are ok.
    If I edit a value, the groupsummary doesn't refresh with the correct sum of value, is it possible...
  2. Hi Colin,

    is there any fix done ?

  3. Hi,

    I confirm that I've the 3.0.1 version.

    Please tell me when you'll find a solve.

  4. Hi,

    thanks for your response.
    I'm using the 3.0.1.

    I open a link where you can see the result :
    and I join the 4 source classes involved : 40710

  5. Hi all,

    any response ?

  6. Hi,

    I found a user who has the same problem : (last post of swong).

    I write a sample code based on rowexpander example from sencha...
  7. To be more precise, a TextButtonCell without icon doesn't work too.
  8. Hello,
    thanks for the reply, for testing that (i've not a simple example to show :(),
    you should add a TextButtonCell with icon on a rowexpander + roweditable grid : ...
  9. A pict to illustrate : 40565 (

    the first one : when i click, good reaction's button
    the second one : despite i click on the center's...
  10. Hi,

    up to know if someone has a solution ?

  11. Hi all,

    I've a grid with textButtoncell in some column, that's work fine until i've implemented the rowexpander grid.
    Only few parts of the textButtonCell are clickable, for example when i click...
  12. I've resolved my problem with :

    new KeyNav(myTextField) {
    public void onEnter(NativeEvent evt) {
  13. Replies
    It's ok, i had a mistake in my widget.
    Sorry for disturbing.
  14. Replies
    I've a tab panel with several panel with one disabled on start.
    I'd like to enable it, when the user complete the form of the first tab.
    How do I enable it ?
    I'll try to create a new...
  15. Any suggestions or examples, pls ?
  16. Hello,

    I'm a newbie on gxt3.

    I've a form with several field and i want that the "enter" submit my form ?
    How do I do that ?

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