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  1. I am new to ExtJs.
    We want to create a HTML table in a Box.
    The content of the table will change when user click some buttons

    I write the following function for handling the click event:

  2. Does anyone know how to fix the box size even if the length of selected bubbles are longer than the width of the box? Thanks

    (I have already set resizable = false and grow = false.)
  3. Finally get the answer. Thanks.

    var store = new cmtx.CostBreakdown(); var costBreakdownReader = store.reader;
    var costBreakdownStore = new{
  4. You are right, it is the data property of the store. I should write it like this:

    var jsonStore = new cmtx.CostBreakdown();
    var costBreakdownStore = new{
  5. Can I create the GroupingStore by the reader and data from JsonStore like this?

    var costBreakdownStore = new{
    reader: jsonReader,
    data :,
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