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  1. ok, that was painful. but i have a simple workaround: require DateExtras


    for the record: i am not using Ext.Date or DateExtras in my code. so, maybe this is...
  2. When i run my code in development mode my app.js file only includes my code and i allow sencha to dynamically load the sencha api files as required, (standard practice) and it works fine.

    when i...
  3. what is the best way to subscribe to important announcements, like the recent 2.0.1 RC release and the new SDK Tools release? i dont want to subscribe to all forum posts, just important...
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    yes, i agree. there should be a way to stack lists. please let me know if anyone finds a good solution.
  5. i see. i am using MVC and consider it a very useful design paradigm.

    i am still concerned by your statement would you mind clarifying how the data could be incorrect?

    regarding MVC, i think...
  6. that sounds like a critical problem, but i dont understand what you are describing. please explain further. so far, i appear to be iteratively setting the .rec property to the current records right...
  7. i found something that works and feels at least somewhat safe. if anyone sees a better option or a potential for memory leak etc, pls let me know.

    i subclassed the list and overrode the...
  8. one more note. it looks to me like there is a bug in the code implementing the xindex and xcount variables. aren't they hard-coded to always be 1? i cant make them increment.
  9. this seems like a strange limitation. why doesnt xtemplate provide access to the passed record? i would like to do the same thing: call model methods. that would be a much cleaner code design. ...
  10. i understand. that makes sense. how should i interpret the message at the top of this thread? it looks like there is a fix?

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records...
  11. i am getting this error now. (using appmobi+sencha touch). is that message above indicating that this issue has been resolved? how do i get the 2551 code fix?
  12. i see a similar issue and it appears to be related to including dockedItems as part of the config
  13. i want to do the same thing. have you had any success?
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    seems like its the line chart that crashes. the others work ok. im also using ipad 1st gen.
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    i love the idea of this new service. does it (or will it) have a REST api so cloud data (users, devices, data, etc) can be accessed programatically?

    also, when is the next release? ...
  16. Ok, thanks. that's helpful.
  17. i want to learn how to dynamically add and remove docked items dynamically. the only thing that works for me so far is:

    this.dockedItems = this.dockedItems || [];
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