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    Hi Nigel,

    I am using Ext JS 4. I was able to get something working in 4.0 with a few changes. Although, I am still having a problem with the red triangle appearing in the upper left corner of...
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    Can somebody provide some additional information on how to use these overrides and intercepts? I tried adding the code to my project, but I got an error that Ext.Intercept was not a function. I...
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    This works great. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I solved this problem by wrapping the link in an iFrame. This html string was then passed into the panel's html parameter. YouTube videos can be played this way as well. See example below:

  5. Can you provide some more detail to point me the right direction. I have no control over the way the streaming link is defined. Are you talking about adding a DIV to the html for example, or...
  6. The video player updates the element, not the entire page.

    Also, I have never tried to embbed javascript in the HTML parameter. Should that work in general?
  7. I need to embed a Javascript streaming video player into an Ext panel. The link will place an image button to start the video when pressed. I tried the panel's html parameter. The link works fine...
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    I am using the Ext Direct php files.

    Read, Update, and Delete work great on the server side. However, I am having a problem with the Create call. The EventId parameter is always empty when the...
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