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    I tried against a web server it still fails
    You can give a try here
    sencha create jsb -a -p app.jsb3
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    i got a large set of data and want to show 6 out of 60 series at one time.
    i can plot all but that will be messy.
    i can turn that on off as well

    what i want is that i should be able to define...
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    What if i want the labels also to be dynamic not hard coded?

    How do i refresh and reload the data. Say i reload the store with new data. How do i rerender the chart.
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    How i can dynamically add and remove fields from a chart.
    I want to start with a chart without any fields only y axis value. And based on the json data pulled i will populate the fields.

    I got a...
  5. Two approaches

    a) Override sencha css using

    b) forge your own css using sass and compass

    There is nice tutorial around. For quick you can go to one. But on large use sass its...
  6. I my view,
    It is better to keep one listener type per class. In case you extend sencha base class. You define one event handler allow it to bubble and then evalute the target to set action.

  7. This answers it to some extent
  8. If we got a list of say 25 elements do we need 25 if statement or there is any elegant way.
  9. I m trying to use event delegation in panel where there are large no of objects.

    The listener is attached to tap event
    body: {
    tap: this.onDashboardTap,...
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    First and foremost Many thanks for BenMajor for perfecting this dashboard component. It works great.

    I got my 2 cents on this. The event listener should not be bound in the grid in each cell. That...
  11. You can have a carousal with three elements.
    Previous, Current and Next
    On each tap just populate the other two.
    One you can straight reassign, say some way click previous the current will...
  12. Thanks, it works.

    Sencha Rocks!!
  13. <code>
    var panel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({

    xtype: 'fieldset',
    id: 'tweetFieldset',
    title: 'Tweet Reply',
    items: [{
    id: 'tweetMessage',
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    Thanks Guys,
    It works now.

    One thing i have notice if we leave out some file from the manifest. It does not load. It seems every thing need to be either in CACHE:
    Or in NETWORK:
  15. Thanks mitchellsimoens,
    This has indeed taken a long time for me to figure out.
  16. I m trying to create a component by extending Sencha FormPanel and then set these panels as xtype in a panel with card layout. I find when i switch card the first card content are retained in case...
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    Will give a try. Any example to look at.
    Good collection of examples at github.
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    I can make a segmented button. But i want to make a segmented button as part of the form panel with label.
    Any suggestion on how to make it
  19. I m trying to extend Panel Object and then trying to display the extend panel (xtype) inside another extended object by adding as item

    I m getting this error
    sencha-touch-debug(29869) TypeError:...
  20. I am trying to filter data from a store.

    I can filter a single data say month = 10
    store.filter('month', '201109');

    How can i filter a series of month say 10,11,12

    I also tries the filterBy...
  21. I found i can use data view inside a panel to display data.
    How do i format data in TPL to display in a tabular format.

    When i user <table> tags i m getting
    undefined is not an object...
  22. Yes,
    I have a tab panel with multiple chart in it. Like the energy app.
  23. I want to display the json data in table format in another tab of the chart.
  24. I m having similar issue. I was thinking of iterating the and find out the max and min values to set in the axis.
  25. Hi there,
    I m trying to make a reporting app based on sencha chart and I m able to get most of the things working. I am facing an issue in displaying the tabular data in the tab panel. Any help...
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