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  1. This will require from me to rewrite a lot of code , when the only thing I am looking for is proper CSS class to change
  2. I am sorry , but I didn't understand what do you mean. Can you explain?
  3. Any ideas?
  4. I made a little progress
    After examining the elements with Chrome browser I defined the following CSS
    .x-custom .x-list-item-body {
    min-height: 46px;
    padding: 0 0;
  5. Hi. I have Ext.List implemented on the page.

    The template for the list item is


    I want instead of the {SECOND} a Gauge to appear....
  6. Importunately no:(

    Still list item is padded in the same way. In fact I see no effect at all after applying this style.
    My boss>:) is going to kill me

    Any other ideas:-/
  7. Hi. My list items are basically tables. But they don't take the whole space in list item.

    I tried to do the following.
    Defined the following CSS

    .x-categories .x-list-item-label {
  8. It is a good idea, but I cannot believe that sencha didnt created some config to control it
  9. I can add
    to scss
    and it will make each even line in the list to be colored with a different color than odd line. But now do I control the color? Currently it is some...
  10. Ok. One more question , when I compiled

    $button-height : 1.6

    Back button was set back to square button. Is it a bug?
  11. Thank you. It is what I needed.
    Also, is where is a way to set back button border and shadow?
  12. HI.
    I want to apply gradient style for ther back button. It is not navigation button, i just like to have a button with arrow shape.

    So I did
    the following definition

  13. Hi. I am on Ext 4.
    I have a grid with numberfield. How to override spindown event on numberfield. My purpose it when user clicks keydown,
    instead of reducing the numeric value currently I see in...
  14. Hi. I have a a grid panel with a filed , which uses a combo box as editor. (When I click on the cell it transforms into combo box with value). Nothing complicated . Everything very basic according...
  15. I cannot find the CSS that controls collapse icon in Ext.form.Panel. Can someone please help?
  16. It is exactly what I did.
    If you take a look "store: null," and in the callback from SQL I populate the store.
    But grid is empty
  17. Ext 4.1
    Hi. I am populating grid with a data taken from html5 database, I use for this an example for buffered grid that sencha provide in example area.
    I do see that the data is populated in the...
  18. It didn't work. Here is the code

    var AccountsStore=null;

    function onSaveAccBtnClick()
    function populateAccountList()
  19. will it work also with Array based store?
  20. Hi. I have a panel (lets call it MyPanel) which is located in the container, which is located in the tab panel which is located in the container.

    MyPanel panel has the following code

  21. Replies
    Hi. Can Ext work as offline application? By working with HTML5 offline.appcache?
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